Colourful CARIFESTA finale  

The closing ceremony of the Caribbean Festival of Arts – CARIFESTA XIII – certainly delivered in highlighting the vibrancy and colour of the region. In a splendid execution of glamour and precision, patrons gathered at Kensington Oval were in for a fantastic finale of the ten-day event.

Following the official closing of the festival, the CARIFESTA XIII team did not disappoint as the show featured cultural acts from Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, The Bahamas, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago.

 The Haitian delegation kicked off the show with a vivacious performance named Tambou Combo. This was followed by the Pan-Caribbean Pinelands Creative Workshop whose buoyant cultural display, Bele, included dancers from Barbados, Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago.

 As the hosts for CARIFESTA XIV, the contingent from Trinidad and Tobago gave the audience a preview of what they can expect in 2019. Performances came from East Indian classical singer Neval Chatelal and 14-year-old rising soca artiste, Aaron Duncan, who sang Can You Feel It. The showcase by the Trinidadian artistes climaxed with a dynamic presentation entitled Wonders Of This World where singers and dancers came on stage.

 Antiguan Junior calypso monarch, Baby Eve, was a delight to watch. Age and small stature aside, the youngster demanded the crowd’s attention with her spunky personality and lively performance. Khiara Sherman from The Bahamas taught the crowd about Bussin Ah Wine. Meanwhile, Cindy Smith from the Bermuda Wallstreet Band switched it up and slowed the pace with her rendition of the ballad If This Isn’t Love.

 Local CARIFESTA cultural ambassadors Alison Hinds, Peter Ram and Red Plastic Bag graced the stage to the delight of the audience. Flags were raised and waved non-stop on the cricket ground and in the stands, as the excitement and enthusiasm spread throughout the venue.

 Soca queen, Alison Hinds, had the Caribbean audience in an uproar. Many who were sitting, vacated their seats to rush to the stage for a close-up glimpse at the undisputed monarch, in her yellow splendor. Backed by ZigE and the Azucar Band, Hinds had the members of the Suriname and Guyanese delegations in a frenzy with her regional hit Faluma. She also performed Iron Bazodee and Togetherness to the delight of the crowd.

 Although RPB’s song Boat Ride, came out during the Crop Over season, many of the visiting contingents eagerly joined the ship. After the Sweet Soca Monarch sang the infectious Something’s Happening, he had Kensington Oval rocking left and right as he closed the show.

 Some of Barbados’ top performers such as 2 Mile Hill, TC and Buggy Nhakente, Nikita, Bashment soca king Sitffy, Party monarch Lil Rick and Peter Ram also contributed to making the closing ceremony a phenomenal experience.

One of the highlights of the night was Peter Ram who performed Good Mornin’ and All Ah We. During his performance of All Ah We, as he shouted for regional integration, Ram jumped off the stage and ran into the crowd, where he was warmly embraced. As contingents waved their national flags excitedly, All Ah We Is One was the chorus throughout the oval.

 The contribution of local DJ Jus Jay in maintaining the high energy and electrifying atmosphere was undeniable. He kept the crowd
pumped up and ready to party as the night progressed with songs from all across the region.

Source:  by Katrina King

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke August 31, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I enjoyed both the Opening and the closing ceremony.


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