Double murder

Marley Vale stunned as ‘two good fellas’ are shot to death

The dark and cloudy skies – along with light drizzles – that covered Marley Vale, St Philip today aptly captured the gloom of a community staggered by the shocking slaughter of two of its own.

The still of a balmy Tuesday night was shattered by gunfire last night, and when it was over, cousins Renaldo Gittens, 23 and Kyle Rico ‘Sad Boy’ Burgess, 21, both of Eastpoint, were dead.

The cause of the shootings was not immediately known, but police said in a statement that a number of persons were liming in the area “when suddenly there was a number of loud explosions which caused the crowd to disperse. The two deceased men were then discovered lying motionless on the ground”, one on the outside, the other on the inside of a makeshift shed near the old Ralphie’s Minimart building.

There was a hive of activity outside the abandoned outlet today, as a team of detectives scoured the scene for clues and canvassed the neighbourhood seeking information from residents, many of whom sat outside their homes trying to make sense of last night’s double homicide.

Kyle Rico ‘Sad Boy’ Burgess and Renaldo ‘Conan’ Gittens

One detective was overheard pleading with the residents, “if you know anything tell us.

“Are you going to let these two lives go down so?” he asked.

“Officer, all I heard was puh-pax, pax,” a woman responded, trying to explain what the gunshots sounded like.

Over at Geza’s Bar, a group of people had assembled, one of whom told Barbados TODAY he heard the “plap, plap, plap” of gunshots, before “all these people coming down through here running left and right, screaming”.

The man, who did not want to be named, said several of them were watching the T20 cricket match between the Barbados Tridents and Guyana’s Amazon Warriors when the shooting occurred.

“We were all here backing up there watching TV. As long as sports on we does be here.  Just imagine if . . .,” he recounted as his voice trailed off.

The residents spoke in complimentary terms of the victims, insisting that both were good men who were never in trouble.

“They didn’t used to trouble nobody. They  . . . [were] no bad men. I could put my neck out pun the block and swear for the two uh dem,” one woman told Barbados TODAY, using words to describe the dead men that were almost identical to those used by a male resident, who vouched that “none of them were bad men. They were two good fellas.

“None never thief, never break in no way, never went jail. You coulda call them to do anything for you and they would come. You see, Conan [Renaldo] had it hard coming up . . . he mother dead and he father home there so sick,” the man said, while wondering what would happen to the elderly man now that his son had been killed.

Decklon Jordan was Reco’s diving partner, and earlier in the day they were out to sea together.

They discussed returning to the water today, before saying goodbye to each other.

Moments later, Rico was dead.

“When I left him, I told him I going in the sea tomorrow [today]. I going home and get some rest and that he could shout me. Two minutes later, I hear my mother say, ‘Decklon, I hear like something like gunshots down the road’, so I just get up, put on my shirt, come outside and I come down the road. Before I get down the road I hear my brother saying, ‘two uh dem dead there in de road’. I just come down the road and see two of them here dead.    

“When I get here I see one here laying down and then I see another one of my friends here inside the shed here dead. I went and hold he hand and I tell he, ‘I now tell you I gine home. I can’t believe you gone,’” Jordan said.

“He never used to get involved in nothing. He just used to go in the sea. He ain’t no trouble person.”

He said Marley Vale was a quiet community, suggesting that this sort of activity was unusual.

“Nothing so don’t go on so bout here. The most the fellas does do [is] drink, play cards, smoke dem lil’ ting and that is it. They don’t be no stabbing up, they don’t fight wid one another. If there is a dispute they does ‘gree back in the next five minutes. It don’t be nothing personal, it don’t be nutting like that. You would fall out now and quick so you and the body that you fall out wid is friends. You giving then something to eat, something to drink, and that is it. It does be a cool vibe up here.

“It don’t be nobody shooting at nobody, nobody want to kill nobody. It don’t be nothing so. The two uh them fellas that dead, them don’t be involved in nothing and that is the sad thing ‘bout it. Them was just unfortunate and dead. . . . I feel that the people that do this . . . didn’t come to pick and choose who to kill. The body come to just kill, and they come and do it too,” Jordan suggested.

9 Responses to Double murder

  1. Jennifer August 31, 2017 at 1:56 am

    The destruction of males from any race/nation is the destruction of the race itself. What price shall one require for the destruction of an entire nation/race of people. And who think that because you are law abiding and towing the line that you are not destroyed also, think again. And then think again. As long as your identity is missing you are technically destroyed. These guys found themselves on the back end of that continuum. But does this make the front end any wiser, not by a long shot. It is sad that the people that we place in AUTHORITY has become the said devises for the destruction of this people.

  2. Thunder August 31, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Satan’s kingdom is on a mission to destroy the male population,but what happens in society is a reflection of what is happening in the church,there is too much sin in the church.
    The focus is no longer on God,the Bible or prayer,the church is more concerned about making money, they have also become comfortable staying inside,they must go back to having openairs,and street ministry.
    Jesus practically lived in the street, where has the holiness gone,no one talks about sanctification, holiness,or being filled with the HolyGhost, where are the prayer meetings, all day services, or deliverance.
    Pastor has no time to prayer and fast,too busy having sex with members,both male and females in the church,and living on fast food,Christians must repent,Barbados has a spiritual problem, that will not be solved by natural interventions.
    The Bible says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and prayer,and turn from their wicked ways,then I will hear from heaven,and heal their land.
    If Barbados has to be healed,the church must get right,or we will continue to pay a very dear price!

    • Jennifer August 31, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      Carl- correct. But the church was set up to pacify and keep THE LOST SHEEP LOST. Nothing more. This is why they can only preach from the RC portfolio. MANY are now realizing all of this. Many of this people do ALL THE THINGS WHICH ARE ACTUALLY NON SCRIPTURAL And then pretend they cannot see it when you confront them. Study it carefully. Down in the ditch.

  3. Carl August 31, 2017 at 8:01 am

    If the authorities don’t stop burying their heads in the sand our little nation will be worse for it. Forget about what others say and do what is necessary. When taxes and other measures have to e implemented, supposedly for the benefit of the nation, we are given no choice. By that same token, do whatis necessary to address this madness now. Some measures appear difficult because of treaties and other agreements being signed, but in the final analysis, we have to do what is in the best interest of Barbados. These heinous acts don’t only affect local lives directly, but indirectly as well as tourism and foreign investment will be negatively impacted. We as Barbadians need to be adamant in our call and demand for justice and stop using psychological, educated excuses to give these thugs and their cohorts reasons for doing what they do, much to our detrament.

  4. Peter griffin August 31, 2017 at 8:38 am

    It is amazing how innocent people are now being targeted in quiet communities in Barbados. Two young comedians lives taken from them by cold minded people..I am still in shock of both deaths, what is even more puzzling was what did the killers earn from these two innocent boy’s life..are they thirsty to kill, is it a satanic act or sacrifice, what is it they are receiving for killing innocent people… When did Barbadians become this way, are they trying to fit in with the other Caribbean countries that are full of violence and constant death. These so call gangsters are really showing their weakness by preying on the peaceful minded citizens of this country. Why are they so scared to kill another gangster like them selves. But I know why, because when a lion meets another lion from a different tribe it is a fair fight and May the best one win. I know some youngsters going out on the streets and doing nonsense and bringing death to themselves but these two youngsters (Renaldo and Rico) never got themselves in no trouble. I know allot of people have died in the pass and leading up to this point and people have said things like (he was a good boy, he never do anyone anything) well this is not words too glorify the wicked, these two youngsters were legitimate good boys especially Renaldo. These two boys would tell you a joke are say some random phase with a straight face and have you dying with laughter… And them know it fine but playing them ain’t laughing but after them finish lick out ya belly with laughter they would start laughing themselves. The thing is Marley Vale is a peaceful community and the real residence of that community like nothing but fun and laughter.. Yes they are some youngsters which names I wouldn’t call that come in Marley Vale trying to be this modern day bad boy but eventually the fun habits of the residence begin to rub off on them. I have even seen allot of men leave their environment to come in Marley Vale and say it is a nice place to relax and chill, no crime and violence just good times. I am also not from Marley Vale and I have made it my place of relaxation because of the environment of peace and fun.But when these one day bad boys go out around bad influences they find themselves in trouble with the law or with other blocks and the first thing people would say is that they are from Marley Vale because them see them in the area ,but they are not from Marley Vale and those actions bring a negative energy to that environment. A lot of youngsters use Marley Vale as a hide out because they know the people of that community would not snob them, you are always welcome in Marley Vale. I am not GOD and I can’t bring back those boys life but that fate should have never happened to those two. Who ever you are that killed those boys, I want you to know you should have never killed those two youngsters they didn’t deserve that fate.

  5. charjoy August 31, 2017 at 9:09 am

    @Carl 100% correct

  6. milli watt August 31, 2017 at 9:49 am

    keep it up boys……….you doing well. should have this place cleaned up by end of year.

  7. Carlisle norville August 31, 2017 at 11:46 am

    a Nation that forgets there is a GOD , soon finds out the hard way that without his divine help, there is only Chaos

  8. Nanci September 1, 2017 at 5:18 am

    Maybe the person just wanted to shoot someone, for no apparent reason. Or someone did someone something, and the person saw them in Marley vale, and took revenge on innocent people. I hope they find the person or persons that do this. All the young black men getting kill for nothing.


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