‘Rags caused water main to break’

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is tonight expected to complete repairs to a ruptured 24-inch main at Hart Street, The City, which feeds into the Bridgetown Sewerage Plant.

Manager of the Waste Water Division Patricia Inniss said the employees have been working virtually around the clock since Sunday, when the road caved in under the weight of one of the water company’s trucks.

“We have to exercise care for the workmen. They actually wanted to continue working today, but with just four to five hours sleep in the last two days we decided to give them a rest.

“We have identified a major breach in the sewerage line and we are trying to correct it as expeditiously as possible. The workers have given the assurance that they will complete the work tonight. We have sourced the material to execute the job,” Inniss told Barbados TODAY.

This section of Hart Street, The City, caved in while workmen of the BWA were flushing a sewage pipe. Inset, Manager of the Waste Water Division of the BWA, Patricia Inniss.

Inniss explained that a BWA unit was carrying out a flushing exercise on Hart Street on Sunday when the line of the flushing truck got caught and the road collapsed under the truck, forming a 15 to 20-foot wide and 30-foot deep cave.

Inniss blamed indiscriminate dumping for the rupture, telling Barbados TODAY a large number of rags had been dumped into the sewerage system.

“Barbadians need to protect the sewerage system. They have to control the items they put in the sewer lines. Even as we were fighting with this rupture on Sunday, we were fighting with the one at River Road which was closed for a long period over the week-end because of the number of rags literally closing down the station. Barbadians need to be reminded that the system needs to be protected. They have to control the items being deposited into the sewer lines.” She repeated for emphasis.

She reminded Barbadians that the treatment plant was 35 years old, adding that the rate of decay was accelerated by highly toxic substances in the system.

As a result, she said, there had been an increase in the number of burst mains in recent months.

“We have found that since the end of last year we have experienced five burst in that main in the last seven months. We have never experienced so many bursts before,” Inniss said. 

2 Responses to ‘Rags caused water main to break’

  1. Ryan Jones August 30, 2017 at 6:11 am

    Thanks for showing care to workmen but these men/women should not be allowed only 5 hrs sleep over 2 days and with an excavation so deep with no temporary works you are putting the workers lives at risk

  2. Tony Waterman August 30, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    @Ryan Jones !!!! I don’t see or Understand why you are giving thanks to these Incompetants, Where is the UNION on this file, there are Labour Laws that are being broken that pertains to how Long a Worker can be made to work without Rest/Recuperation, and does the BWA oinly have these Particular workers on staff that are capable of doing this work.??

    What Grabs my attention more so is the Fact that in this Photo accompanying the Article, there is NO SIGN of a SAFETY CAGE in an area where there was a “CAVE IN” previously, where are the Standards for Barbadian Workers doing these Dangerous Jobs, and what is their Union doing except trying to Run the Island instead of Representing it’s Workers, Wages and Salaries are no good to Dead People Mrs.Union Boss.

    If this is another Example of “Punching above your Weight” i’ll prefer they stay at the Top of their weight Class.

    Here we go again, another Negrocrat, espousing theories that make no sense, if She (Patricis Inniss) Knows that the cause of the Problem is Rags being dumped into the Sewer System, Why is there NOT some type if “FILTER” placed in the sytem to Capture these undesirables “BEFORE” they enter the Pipes, and also if there have been That many Bursts in that space of time, has anyone perhaps thought about replacing the Pipe, as it seems to me to have come to the end of its usefullness.????????


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