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A 26-year-old reputed thief was due to be released from HMP Dodds in November, but he will have an extended stay at the St Philip penal institution after being slapped with an 18-month term for 17 other offences.

Daley Dennis Price of Maxwell Hill, Christ Church told Magistrate Elwood Watts “it was a desperate act” when he committed three counts of intentionally damaging cars, six counts of theft, six counts of loitering on premises with intent to steal and two counts of breaking and entering homes, between May and August last year.

He specifically admitted to damaging cars belonging to Lynn Jemmott, Juliet Spencer and Dionne Moore; breaking and entering the homes of Alanville Skeete and Arrio Evelyn-Hall; and loitering with intent to steal at Kendal Hill Crescent, Maxwell Hill, Kingsland Crescent on two occasions, Wotton Terrace, and on D’Andra Callender’s premises.

Price also stole $10 from Tiffany Best, $86 from Lorraine Pinder, $55 from Kevin Price, $5 belonging to Ivan Joseph, $5 belonging to Natasha Davis and $229 in items belonging to Joan Breedy.

In the Oistins Magistrates’ Court today, Watts informed Price that he had taken “a giant leap” when he was granted an opportunity at rehabilitation at Verdun House to incarceration.

“You got your walking papers on February 15,” the magistrate told Price as he read a report from officials at the rehabilitation facility.

The report said Price had been discharged from the second phase of the programme and was no longer welcomed at the Verdun community because of his behaviour.

However, reading from a prepared statement, the unemployed man sought to explain the reason for his discharge.

He said he had been stealing and using drugs and had never been given a chance before the stint at Verdun House. However, things began to spiral out of control “when my father died”.

“I did not take it well,” he told the court.

Revealing that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, Price said he was currently serving an eight-month sentence after getting into a domestic dispute with his brother over his father’s house.

“My sister overreacted and called the police,” he said in explaining that incident.

But he took full responsibility for his actions.

“I am accountable for my wrongdoings and I apologize to everyone,” Price said.

But even as Magistrate Watts imposed the additional sentence, Price urged him to make a request to prison officials that he be “assessed for work”.

During his incarceration, Price must also enroll in the drug treatment programme as well as the reintegration programme before being released from jail.

His latest sentence will commence when the current sentence is served.

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