Condo assault


A 38-year-old man who pleaded guilty to trespassing and assault charges has been remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital until September 12.

Thomas Andrew Bailey of no fixed place of abode admitted to Acting Magistrate Sandra Rawlins that he assaulted Judith Wilcox on August 26 and ventured onto her property after being warned not to do so.

Sergeant Vernon Waithe told the magistrate that Wilcox was at her Worthing, Christ Church condo on Saturday when Bailey entered the gate of the private property, walked to a pipe and started bathing. She shouted for him to leave but he asked for a drink of water. After insisting several times that he leave the premises, she handed Bailey a bottle of water and some bread and again ordered him off the property.

He left, but only to go as far as some rocks near the water, not far from the property.

Thirty minutes later he returned and appeared to be throwing something at Wilcox’s cat. When she and a neighbour went to take a closer look, Bailey handed Wilcox back the items she had previously given him. As she reached out, he grabbed her hand but she was able to get away from him. She started to scream and told Bailey that the police were on the way.

He subsequently left and was intercepted by police on Worthing Road and taken to the police station where a condom was found on his person.

Bailey allegedly told police at the time that he was “looking for sex” as he had not had any in a while.

However, in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today, he said he would “pay for it” first or go to the venues where he could get it.

Acting Magistrate Rawlins, in looking at Bailey’s conviction card, pointed out that many of his offences were against women.

However, he told the Rawlins that “it was not like that” as he “believe in consent”.

“I don’t believe in treating woman that way,” Bailey, who will be evaluated by doctors at the Black Rock-based institution, added.

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