Meet the future Dr David Johnson

David Johnson could be described as a young man who exemplifies the qualities of being disciplined and articulate.

As Head Boy of the Harrison College, he has led by example in his dedication to work.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Johnson said when he found out he was a scholarship winner it was a relief but still a surprise.

He recalled the phone call from the Ministry that informed him of his success like a scene out of a movie.

“I was home alone so when I picked up the phone it actually dropped to the floor for a second,” he said.

Johnson said that his success was due in part to him settling down and getting down to business.

“I really buckled down for the last two years, from lower six I worked pretty hard, I did lessons in physics and chemistry so I had to rework my schedule to facilitate that. I didn’t have to drop anything in particular,” he said.

Johnson will be heading across the ocean to Grenada to persue medicine at St George’s University.

“It is something that I always wanted to do, I set up in my mind especially in debating we looked at a number of issues across the board but it all comes down to health care.”

“When I think about all the crises happening across the globe, I want to be there in the forefront and make a positive difference,” Johnson said.

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