Hard work pays off for Holford

Scholarship winner Lashania Holford is elated about her academic achievements so far.

She said that it was a lot of hard work but it has paid off.

“I was just in disbelief, it just felt so unreal, I didn’t really get excited because I am not an excitable person; it was so unbelievable that this could happen to me,” Holford said.

Holford told Barbados TODAY that her strategy was simple; “do all the work”.

“I did a lot of studying with my friends, a lot of my friends were also scholarship winners, I really didn’t cut out anything I put in more work,” she said.

She is also very active at her church, Life in Salvation Ministries, where she uses her skills in computer studies to manage the tech team.

Holford attained all ones in Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Caribbean Studies and Communication studies. She will be heading off to the University of Guadeloupe to study global business and digital arts.

“When I looked at the programme it seemed like all the parts of my personality where coming together, the programme just seemed like the perfect combination.”

She explained that the course of study entails mainly digital media and international business, some economics and arts.

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  1. VoR August 26, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    That’s an interesting choice of university.


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