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Twenty-six-year-old nutritionist, Shanice Murray, believes too many Barbadians are reactive rather than proactive when it comes to their health.

In an interview with Health TODAY, she gave her professional opinion about what she has been noticing. “It usually takes a crisis for people to change and then those who want to lose weight for a particular reason, “ she said.

Murray believes that even though more Barbadians are becoming health conscious, more could be done. “Food is very important and you cant do anything without, unless you eat because food fuels your life” she added.

In the wake of the sharp rise in non-communicable diseases among Barbadians,  health officials have been calling for the public to eat better.

Murray said that an area of concern relates to the so called ‘barriers’ that some people put up when it comes to eating healthy. “When you come to a nutritionist, it is not a situation where we are going to tell you, ‘no you can’t have this and no this and that’” she explained.

She said some people come with a closed mind so they automatically are opposed,but it isn’t so bad. “We practice moderation and mindful eating.You need to be more attentive and pay attention to what you are doing and be mindful of how that impacts your life, so the first thing would be to remove the barrier and acknowledge that you do want help”

Another area of concern for the young dietitian relates to eating habits that have been passed down from older generations.

“It has a lot to do with socialization, the household you grew up in, what you used to eat and all that has transpired over the years. In addition to that, the food industry which has had a dramatic impact,” she said.

Murray went on: “We are more reactionary than proactive and that is the issue. People don’t think about the long-term repercussions. It is always a matter for none and the situation changes when it becomes dire.”

Murray said the solution is simple and comes down to education at the school level, especially in relation to the food and nutrition class. “There is normally a stigma attached to food and nutrition for cooking and being a chef. Nutrition has science more so than an art.”

Admittedly, Murray thought so too but when she realized it was so much more, she took it and ran with it. “So from Lodge School, I went to University of the West Indies, St Augustine and I studied there for three years Human Nutrition and Diet.”

She is registered with the Barbados Paramedical Council and has been practicing for almost two years. “So far, it has been really interesting. I can never say that I don’t like my job because I really love it.”

Shanice is a full time nutritionist at a local gym where she assists many people who are looking to enhance their sporting performance, or trying to lose weight and fight against chronic non-communicable diseases and many others.

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