Israel Lovell Foundation gets another donation

On Monday the grandchildren of the late Israel Lovell gathered at the My Lord’s Hill, St Michael headquarters of the foundation named in his honour to make a financial contribution to community programmes being undertaken to enhance the lives of people in the area.

Their contribution will assist in a variety of the Israel Lovell Foundation’s initiatives that assist not only the youth, but the elderly and to promote culture.

During the 27 years of its existence, the Foundation has provided meals on wheels for shut-ins and the elderly in the community and established the popular cultural group, the Israel Lovell Foundation Dancers.

It also provides evening classes for students in a number of subject areas, and students sitting the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Exam – commonly called the Common Entrance Examination – can also benefit from classes at the Israel Lovell Foundation.

The latest contribution to the charity came on the heels of other relatives providing funds for the restoration of Lovell’s gravesite at St George Parish Church.

The late Lovell is seen by some local historians as one of the individuals who assisted in breaking the stranglehold of the planter/merchant class which ruled Barbados. 

Source: (NC)

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