Shopping spree!

Man jailed for burglarizing store and stealing over $2,000 in goods

Timothy Anderson Trotman, who went on an illegal shopping spree at the Marine Bar and Grocery, was today sentenced to six months in prison.

Not only that, but the 42-year-old who was recorded as having no fixed place of abode got an additional three months at Dodds when his guilty plea triggered punishment for breach of a bond imposed on him by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant on August 18.

Today, before Acting Magistrate Sandra Rollins, Trotman admitted to burglarizing the grocery store sometime between August 20 and 21.

From the business’ storage room, refrigerator and shelves, Trotman stole two cases of milk; nine boxes of chocolates; a cartoon of cigarettes; 34 bottles of rum; a case of bleach; 48 drinks; two boxes of biscuits; three bottles of whiskey; 24 tins of sardines; 12 tins of corned beef; a case of juice; 36 packs of soap; a pack of plastic bags; 12 tins of tuna; two boxes of Ramen; six Guinness drinks; a bag of mints; a box of playing cards; a box of combs; 12 bottles of Fabuloso; five boxes of Turbo drink mix; 12 tubes of toothpaste; six packs of sugar; six packs of rice; six bottles of dishwashing liquid; a bag of salt; and a bag of chips.

The goods, which totaled $2,159.80, belonged to Marie Simmons.

When Trotman was captured, only a beer crate, assorted bags and a sachet of chocolate mix were left.

To carry out the crime, Trotman cut the wires of the electricity meter outside the establishment, preventing the security system from activating. He then broke through the front door and took the items, leaving the same way he entered.

In the dock of the District “A” Traffic Court, Trotman told the magistrate that while he uses drugs he could not blame his actions on his use of the substance.

Magistrate Rollins took Trotman’s situation into consideration and ordered that he undergo drug rehabilitation while serving his time at HMP Dodds.

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  1. Ksmart August 25, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    I does feel for this Magistrate everyday 10 more clowns


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