GUYANA – Teen commits suicide . . relatives say boy was depressed after death of his girlfriend

GEORGTOWN – A 15-year-old boy has committed suicide—just days after his girlfriend was crushed to death when her aunt’s house at La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, fell on her on last Friday.

Ricardo Niranjan of Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara, was found hanging from the ceiling of his home on Monday, by a relative. It is suspected that the teenager killed himself on Sunday.

Kaieteur News understands that the young man lived with his mother and sisters at Block 12 Non Pareil. However, his family left sometime last week to visit a relative in neighbouring Suriname and left him to look over the property.

On Monday, when other relatives realized that they had not seen the young man the day before, they went over and called for him. After getting no response, they went into the house and found him hanging from the ceiling.

The relatives informed the police that the 15-year-old Niranjan and 12-year-old Amber Richards were “together” and after her death, he became depressed and stopped leaving the house. Niranjan even posted a photograph of the 12-year-old on his Facebook page.

However, when contacted yesterday, an aunt of Amber Richards said that the family was informed of the teen’s suicide, but they knew absolutely nothing of him or his family, or his alleged relationship with the 12-year-old girl.

Up to press time, the woman said that they were trying to get information on the young man so that they could “get to the bottom of the story” and determine whether the two were indeed in a relationship.

Richards and her eight-year-old brother, Joshua, both of Canal Number One, were pinned under their aunt’s La Bonne Intention home when it collapsed on them.

Joshua was rescued and is now in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Amber died on the spot after being pinned under the collapsed structure for more than an hour.

She was crushed to death—her skull, back and feet were flattened. Neighbours had to use a power saw to cut the flooring of the structure before they could have gotten to her lifeless body.

Their aunt, Wanita Ramgolam said that her sister, Renita and estranged husband, Nigel Richards, only sent their only two children to spend a week with her.

The woman explained that she had just finished taking a bath and went upstairs to get dressed and left her niece and nephew swinging in the hammock downstairs—the hammock was tied to two of the house’s posts.

It is suspected that the “swinging” might have contributed to the house falling to the ground.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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    Pheadre St Louis

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    So so sad sending condolences Family and friends

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    So sad condolences to both teens familes an friends rest in peace


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