GUYANA – Pirates attack four fishing vessels in one week

GEORGETOWN – Pirates have attacked four fishing vessels in the Waini River, Region One, in the space of one week.

The masked gunmen even escaped with one of the vessels named “Priya 2” after dumping its workers onto another vessel that was in the area and which they had also raided.

Around 2 P.M. two Sundays ago, three armed men attacked a vessel in the Waini River area and escaped with the engine and fish.

Deochand, the captain for the vessel named “Priya” said that a small boat pulled up alongside his boat and three men, who were all armed, came over to his boat and demanded that the workers remove the engine and threatened to return to kill the crew if they informed the police.

That same day, the same three men attacked another vessel named “Arawak” and escaped with ration, engine and fuel.

The captain of that vessel, Abdul John, said that the men came in a small boat and fired shots towards his boat.

Both matters have been reported.

Last Thursday, Samad John, a captain for over 40 years, was working on a vessel named “Arawak 2” when a small boat with six armed men came up to him and his four workers and demanded that they lie on the bow of the boat.

John said that they were just about to cook when the gunmen, using toques and jerseys to conceal their faces, chopped their anchor and caused their boat to drift away.

“They tell we leh we lie on the boat bow and they went harassing we for money.

They drive we boat to another boat (Priya 2) and empty out stocks into it and then they put “Priya 2” workers in our boat and drive away,” John said.

“Priya 2” captain, Doonaught Deochand said that he had just commenced fishing when he saw two boats heading in his direction.

Deochand said that he pulled up his seine and started his engine but the gunmen in the smaller vessel pursued and fired several shots in his direction.

“They come and tell we if we want live, we have to do as they say.

They tied we up and emptied stocks from “Arawak 2” and put it in our boat, and throw we over to the boat and they left.” The men were left in the boat until last Sunday when they were rescued.

“Arawak” and “Arawak 2” are owned by Carol Persaud, while “Priya” and “Priya 2” are owned by Totaram Bishu. Bishu and Persaud are related.

Yesterday, Persaud, Bishu and the captains for these vessels met with the Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum.

Persaud said that it is unfair for persons to be investing money in their vessels when the pirates are escaping with the benefits. She pointed out that her vessels were attacked many times and the culprits were never charged.

Bishu said that two months ago, pirates escaped with “Priya 2”, after removing the engine.

He estimated his losses to be around $10M.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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