Gun violence casts a pall over Gall Hill

There is a general sense of dread among residents of Gall Hill, Christ Church, following a spate of gun crimes in their community and the neighbouring Cane Vale.  It comes on the heels of Sunday night’s killing of 40-year-old Orwin Les Moore of Water Street, Christ Church who died in a hail of bullets in nearby Cane Vale, and the gunning down 24 hours later of Shawn Omar Taylor in Gall Hill. 

Cherylann Tina Taylor, who recalled a series of brutal killings in her family, expressed deep and emotional feelings this afternoon as she reflected on the latest death – that of her cousin Shawn – and other shootings.

Cherylann Tina Taylor – Gall Hill resident

“The streets out here real, real dread. It terrible. It escalate too far,” a distressed Taylor said today as police walked through the area in an attempt to reassure the troubled community.

“This thing [gun violence] from way back. I had my times out here sitting down ‘pon this block and people pulling up and shooting at you and you got to run for your life. I had all uh them times . . . I brek way from myself from all uh dem things . . . cause as you get older, you get wiser,” added Taylor, who had also lost a relative in the infamous Campus Trendz fire on Tudor Street, The City in September, 2010.

She said she seldom comes out of her house these days, lamenting that the pain of Shawn’s shooting death made her feel awful.

“The only reason I out here because right now I in the house all the time . . . . I feeling the pain . . . cause my family dead and gone and I ain’t feel good,” the mother of three said, adding that even though she was not close to Shawn, he was still her flesh and blood.

“We were not that close, but still they tell you blood does clot and water does run. I love my family and when anything happen I does want to be there for them.”

An emotional Taylor also called on the young men in the area to get on the right track and stop the violence.

A young man who was present when the shooting took place near his home in Gall Hill, told Barbados TODAY he was troubled by the rising gun violence.

However, Shane Clarke said he could not allow the fear to overwhelm him.

Shane Clarke – Gall Hill resident

“I honestly can’t go on living my life in fear, so I would like something to be done. I honestly can’t come up with a solution right now as to what to do about it, other than a greater police presence in the area and see how it goes from there,” Clarke said, adding that this would likely eliminate the violence.

In the meantime, he said, he feared for his life and that of his grandmother.

“I fear being shot . . . or the fear of my grandmother, cause she  . . . likes to sit down at the window. The other night when they had the shooting I had to tell her [to] move. She tell me she trying to shut the window. I said, ‘don’t mind the window, move from the window, anything could come through the window. Don’t sit by the window. When you see a certain time on evenings, just move,’” the young resident said. 

Another Gall Hill resident, Lemuel Applewhaite, said he was not afraid, but he longed for the day when normality would return to the community.

“I am not fearful, but I got to be careful in my moving around. I don’t think if there are any targets, I am any of the targets, but you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is the biggest concern,” Applewhaite told Barbados TODAY as he stood on the roadside holding onto his granddaughter.

He said while he could not put his finger on the cause of the current upsurge in gun violence, poverty could be a contributing factor. 

5 Responses to Gun violence casts a pall over Gall Hill

  1. jrsmith August 24, 2017 at 5:11 am

    What is normality coming back to the area, police walking through isn’t going to bring that back…. The police should do they job by searching people and they homes , they need to find the guns get them away from the clowns and off the streets , guns is being imported into barbados as easy as mangoes , because certain people is living large on the guns and drugs ……..

    Those people are living with blood on they hands .then comes the crap, because people are poor and hungry , they find the money to buy a gun to kill people ………… There are thousands of young people who would glad for jobs in barbados, but they dont go out and commit crime………………………..

  2. Alex Alleyne August 24, 2017 at 6:03 am

    GALL HILL, SILVER HILL, PINE, HAYNESVILLE has always been “hot spots”. Just gone to another level with the interdiction of GUNS.

  3. Carson C Cadogan August 24, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Gall Hill has always been a wild place. This is just a continuation.

  4. seagul August 24, 2017 at 11:38 am

    There are plenty armchair analyst out there. Beautiful Barbados needs a vision of social consciousness instead of jumping off about hot spots. The scum at the top should be purged, politicians included.That’s just a start.
    Is petty crime really about right and wrong or simply a mask to hide the state’s agenda to get rid of certain populations.

  5. milli watt August 24, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    stupse ………dread what. has always been a SLUM because the majority like it so. need a TRUMP wall built up around that and a few other communities.


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