Chilean chum

South American leader visits Stuart for bilateral talks

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet have been discussing ways to collaborate on a number of issues, including international tax matters.

Stuart today welcomed the South American leader who arrived here last night for a one-day official visit.

“Chile’s generous technical assistance programme executed by the Chilean International Agency for Cooperation and Development has been playing an important role in building capacity among our public servants across a range of disciplines critical for our development, including adaptation to climate change, disaster management, and methodologies for teaching of Spanish as a second language.

President of the Republic of Chile Michelle Bachelet (left) and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during their meeting at Ilaro Court today. (BGIS)

“We discussed some challenges that our countries face and considered how we could work together on international tax matters, especially in light of Barbados’ continued interest in concluding negotiations between our respective tax authorities for a double tax agreement,” Stuart told local and international journalists following this morning’s working meeting.

The Prime Minister said the two leaders discussed a number of other issues, including the implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change, the preservation and protection of the oceans and seas for future generations, how to increase and enhance trade with Chile in the area of goods in the first instance, and eventually, how to
widen the arrangment to include trade in services.

Bachelet’s morning began with a courtesy call on Acting Governor General Sir Philip Greaves, after which she and her entourage, which included Foreign Minister Hernando Valenzuela and other high-ranking members of her government, met with Stuart at Ilaro Court.

There, she reiterated that the relationship between Bridgetown and Santiago was based on the shared values of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law and also views on international issues.

The two leaders also agreed on the need to strengthen the United Nations and inter-American systems and address global and regional challenges in a concerted manner.

“As the Prime Minister mentioned, many of the area that we have worked on already, and many of the ones that we have been discussing to see how we can expand them and make it work in terms of how the air services agreement, will be a very important point to increase our trade and free flow of people – tourism of course.

”In the area of development cooperation, since we began our cooperation programmes, many of Barbados’ citizens have actively participated in Spanish language training, good governance and transparency, agricultural practices and disaster management and climate change adaptation projects.  Furthermore, our cooperation programme 2015-2018 has an increased focus and budget on the Caribbean and we have new collaboration emphasizing the central theme of the agenda 2030, such as disaster management adaptation to climate change and management of natural resources among others,” the Chilean leader stressed.

Bachelet, who is serving her second term as president, suggested that the two countries had some areas of commonality, especially in climate change, the health of the oceans and trade.

“We understand the importance for the [region] to consider [the Caribbean’s ocean] as a special area and we are discussing the impact of climate change on oceans on fisheries but also in the area of illegal fishing.  Also, the consequences of plastics, both onshore and offshore and we are committed to working together in terms of responding and having good programmes to deal with this.

“[Also], we have identified many areas that we will continue working in terms of advancing on trade agreements, agreements that will permit us to avoid double taxation among our countries. This is a very important visit.  It will make us work a lot more and we are certain this marks a way to lead our relationship in the future, so we can keep on working together in areas of interest for the both of us,” she explained.

Bachelet was scheduled to leave Barbados this evening for a similar visit to St Lucia.

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  1. jennifer August 25, 2017 at 2:36 am

    God help us. Boy, the head is the most important part of the body. And when it bad……………….Why wanna don’t stop with this climate change garb. This will be the new tax.

  2. Darson August 25, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Is that all they discussed?
    Remember when we destroyed all the black Coral and sold to the Tourist , Plastic in the sea is a real threat to marine life and the Coral Reefs ;let us all be more responsible
    and I beg you all ,please protect the Turtles


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