Two murders in 24 hours rock Christ Church community

The police top brass will tour the troubled Christ Church communities of Gall Hill and Cane Vale tomorrow afternoon as lawmen seek to bring crime in the area under control.

These are the same districts which recorded two gun-related murders within a 24-hour period beginning on Sunday night when 40-year-old Orwin Les Moore of Water Street, Christ Church died in a hail of bullets in Cane Vale, Christ Church.

The bloodshed returned to the community last night with the killing of Shawn Omar Taylor in nearby Gall Hill.

Shawn Omar Taylor

The 37-year-old electrician of Lodge Road in the same parish was gunned down between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. last night, lifting the murder count for the year to 23, one more than all of last year.

Taylor’s violent death was the 19th gun related killing this year, and it left his aunt Heather Taylor wondering what went wrong.

Heather found out about the murder via the undesirable means of social media, when her granddaughter received a message on WhatsApp indicating that Taylor, also known as Skinny, had been fatally shot, leaving to mourn six siblings and his ten-year-old son.

Heather Taylor

The news was a blow for the large and close-knit family who said Taylor was loving and respectful, and always one to avoid conflict.

“He doesn’t get in nothing, he doesn’t even raise his voice. So I just trying to understand what really, really happened,” the 57-year-old Heather pleaded.

Taylor was 13 when his mother died, leaving Heather and her sisters to raise him.

Even as a child, the former St George Secondary School student did not get involved in teenage squabbles with friends or family, Heather revealed.

“You know you hear of children getting into fights .  .  . he didn’t even used to fight with his cousins, his sisters and brothers because he was a child that was frightened for his skin. He didn’t like anyone hitting him,” she indicated.

Struggling to maintain her composure as she spoke to Barbados TODAY, Heather said it was difficult to guess why anyone would kill her nephew.

“I just don’t understand why somebody would want to shoot him. Why would somebody want to kill him?” she questioned.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remained unclear and police continue their probe into the killing.

Heather suggested that whoever pulled the trigger was a coward for running away after carrying out the murderous act.

“If you man enough or woman enough to kill somebody you should stand up and wait for the police to come, or walk yourself into the station and tell them you just do so and so. The police shouldn’t be walking looking about for you,” she stated.

The grieving aunt said both Taylor and Moore had known each other from as far back as their childhood days.

However, she would not speculate on whether or not the two killings were linked.

“I know Les from when I used to take to school my kids and Shawn and them, and all of them grow up together and everything,” she revealed.

The spate of gun crimes has left the authorities here scrambling for answers.

Many of the perpetrators and victims are young people, a fact that did not escape Heather.

“What are they fighting for? What are they fighting about? What is it that is causing it? All of these are questions we have to ask. What has gone wrong in our society that everything is a gun now, and nobody is frightened to shoot nobody? They aren’t frightened to shoot you and yet still they can’t stand up for when the police come.”

Taylor’s family is no stranger to gun violence. Last September, his cousin Daran Taylor was hit by a stray bullet while at a jam in Wotton, Christ Church.

Having seen first hand the impact of the savagery of gun crimes, Daran’s mother, Maria Taylor said it was time for the bloodshed to end.

Maria Taylor

“I think they really need to put down the guns and thing because all of this is not called for. It is just another person getting killed and another family member getting hurt and all the crying and thing and it is really stressful,” Maria said.

6 Responses to Two murders in 24 hours rock Christ Church community

  1. Jennifer August 23, 2017 at 3:33 am

    One of the biggest challenges we have as a people is believing that we really know our children well. Do we???????? Mind destruction is very serious among this people. Trouble is always passed on it never falls on the progenitor’s door.

  2. jrsmith August 23, 2017 at 5:45 am

    @, Jennifer, hail, hail your (3:33 ) good spot, must further add our people must stop talking crap or we will see instead of ………. 2 we will see 22) ……… stop being scared of the politicians call them out to put the gun violence to rest…….., These are the people who was voted in power to secure the future of our country and people, this is not for them to only look after the big ups and themselves in Barbados ….
    People of barbados how many shooting ,how much knife crime us black masses is going to put with before the government ,bring legislation , make serious enforcement to stop the madness…….. What is going to be the count next year who is next………….
    Our people need protection from , the criminal elements, but we all need protection from our politicians as well, we must be able to remove them from destroying our country, we have have to wait a 5 year period to do so, we need in Barbados an act of parliament , namely so the (ACCOUNTABILITY ACT 2017 ) which give the voters the automatic right to use ,the said vote which put them in office ,to remove them as well ……………..
    Just think is this government wins the next election ,we are done as a nation………… The next Venezuela ……………………..

  3. harry turnover August 23, 2017 at 6:30 am

    More often than not most children AT HOME usually project a good image to their parents and family, and even around their neighborhood BUT nobody knows what they are up to OUTSIDE of that environment.
    So don’t go around blaming parents for not knowing what their children are doing on the outside.If that was the case then ALL CRIME would have to lie at the feet of PARENTS
    Why put the man who killed two people and was recently released by the Mercy Committee on Death Row then….according to some people HIS PARENTS should have the ones there…because they DIDN”T know their child.

  4. harry turnover August 23, 2017 at 6:33 am

    correction….according to some people HIS PARENTS should have BEEN the ones there…because they DIDN”T know their child.

  5. Ossie Moore August 23, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    It’s just too bad that a person or persons on the island can carry out death penalties without the sovereign laws of the land! I ask myself ! Which people or nation rules the nation? The shooter had his plans well thought out . He in other words knew the police man hours are at an exhaustive stage so he has such confidence in his act that he shows them what not “Boy Blue can do” but what “Illegal gun can do”!

  6. Milli Watt August 23, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    the usual response from the family but the place know better………bout the police touring and I know the COMMISH means well but this thing working itself out. Just leave the bad boys to deal with each other and we GOOD! serve and protect and reassure the rest of society and leave this crowd to themselves.


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