Maurice can’t decide between music and the environment

Harrison College graduate Maurice Walkes will be pursuing one of his two loves with the help of his Barbados Exhibition.

Unlike some other award winners, it was not until several hours after examination results were released yesterday that Walkes learned about his achievement.

Barbados Exhibition winner Maurice Walkes

Earlier in the day, he had challenges accessing his results online because of heavy internet traffic.

“I received calls from my teachers that same night that I had received one [a Barbados Exhibition]. On hearing the news, I was very excited,” he recalled.

The music lover who is interested in marine biology will be pursuing a degree in ecology at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus.

“I hear there is a need for more divers in Barbados so I am excited because I would like to fill a need in this country. I can swim, but I have not got my diving certification as yet. If not marine biology, I’d like to do something music oriented, either as a performer or back up,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Walkes has a passion for music and plays three instruments – the piano, bass guitar and drums.

“I got into music at six years old. [I] started with the piano . . . . I have played for gospel artists Keann Walters and James Leacock. I picked up the drums and bass guitar two years ago and I have made good progress so far, and hope to get more opportunities to play those,” he said.

The exhibition winner said he began his music training
with Notes of Praise, where he learned some piano tricks and tips from Vallis Jemmott, the director of that music school.

2 Responses to Maurice can’t decide between music and the environment

  1. Gillian Skeete
    Gillian Skeete August 23, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Do both! Incorporate one with the other. What’s to stop you???

  2. Helicopter(8P) August 23, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Great performances ! We are happy for you and yes we think marine biologist sounds good for the island as you know our south shore coral reef has to be replenished with living corral stock and we hope that cloning can do the trick. I wish you well in all your endeavours!


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