Beta Girls bring A game

Queen’s College walked away with the lion’s share of Barbados Exhibition and Scholarship Awards for 2017, but equally as impressive was the performance of a group of girls at the school – the Beta Girls.

The 14 students – Aliyyah Boyce, Latisha Edwards, Tiffani Lynch, Shannon Boxhill, Dominique Bovell, Zaria Layne, Shanice Cox, Simone Jean-Marie, Dominique Ellis, Chanelle Bowen, Cara Cumberbatch, Brittany Gibbons, Nia Marshall and Alana Applewhaite– proved that a class that studies together passes together. They all earned one of the island’s top prizes.

Scholarship winner Dominique Bovell
Exhibition Winner Shanice Cox
Exhibition Winner Latisha Edwards
Exhibition Winner Aliyyah Boyce
Scholarship winner Shannon Boxhill
Scholarship winner Tiffani Lynch
Scholarship winner Zaria Layne

Barbados TODAY spoke with several of them about their results.

“I accomplished what I wanted and it showed me that God is great and I can achieve whatever I put my mind too,” an excited Boyce said.

She explained that students in the co-ed school were separated into single-sex classes in 2010.

“The all-girls class was a success. The competition was so stiff; the difference in average was like point one, so it motivated you to reach the top,” Boyce said.

And even after they were no longer in official classes after fifth form, she said, their bond continued.

“We still stuck together and studied together. Coming up to CAPE [the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations] we met at different houses and we studied long hours. We just motivated each other,” Boyce explained.

Having achieved success, the Exhibition winner has chosen to study dentistry at Howard University where she will again be schoolmates with Lynch and Boxhill.

“My current dentist is my role model because she was so amazing, and I would like to do anything I can to make somebody smile – literally,” Boyce said.

Lynch, a dancer who won world championship titles in 2014 and 2016, is a Barbados Scholarship recipient.

“I was just very happy to see that I got all ones. I didn’t necessarily expect it, because Caribbean Studies was difficult,” said the young lady who secured top grades in that subject as well as Communication Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

She said the eight-member group was integral to her success.

“We were focused and we chose the right friends and headed toward the goal. Friend support was very important. If I needed help I would go to anybody and we would get through together.”


Lynch began studies in Biology just yesterday at Howard University, but will be moving over to the Dental School shortly.

Boxill, who also copped a scholarship, also wants to be a dentist.

“I was always interested in the healthcare industry and I wasn’t sure because there was always the [choice] between dentistry and being a doctor. I leaned towards dentistry,” she said.

Reflecting on the performance of the group, Boxill said they had a good support system.

“We were really a unit.”

But she said she was in shock at her personal success.

“I always thought a Barbados Scholarship was for someone who was super smart, and…I didn’t know that I could do that,” Boxill said.

Edwards is counting the support of her friends and her results as blessings.

“It was amazing because we had that study group and everyone in that study group got something. It is just surreal. We are really blessed and thankful,” the Exhibition winner said.

“Honestly, it was a lot of hard work, even getting to Queen’s College from the Common Entrance. I had to be doing good from young. The seven years at QC was a lot of hard work, especially CAPE; it is not easy. I had to do a lot of studying and late nights and lessons on Saturdays, so it was like going to school from Monday to Saturday and then homework on Sundays,” Edwards recalled.

She will be attending the University of West Indies Mona campus to study medicine.

Cox, meantime, always believed she could be a top performer.

“I always told myself ‘speak what you want into existence’. When I finished my exams, I always told myself I was going to get four Grade Ones,” she said.

Though a little disappointed that she had to settle for an Exhibition, she said her parents were proud of her.

“They were very excited and proud. I wanted to be a scholarship winner but Communication Studies had other plans for me,” Cox said.

She has big plans and is hoping to do industrial engineering at UWI St Augustine campus: “I don’t want to go into a field that is overpopulated. It is a field that can be manipulated and be used in many other industries.”

Another member of the Beta squad, Bovell, was also in the scholarship winners’ row. It didn’t come as a surprise to her because she had always done well from primary school.

“I had a good work ethic and I pushed to do well. I just continued when I went to QC, but considering that I was in an all-girls class it was more competitive and more of a push…to be the best and be up there,” Bovell said.

“There was friendly competition among my friends to see who would do well, especially in CSEC [Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate], and friendships were really formed going into CAPE because nobody could get through without help.”

She will be heading to Loughborough University in England to study aeronautical engineering and design manufacture.

Source: by Kobie Broomes

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  1. Smiles August 23, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Well done girls, even as a mature person, other mature persons would not study together and even hide information from you even though it came from the internet. they never saw strength in numbers. In the team, nobody was left behind. Great going to all the parents.


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