Barbados needs an A-team

Solutions Barbados is not Barbados’ first A-team. Over the past 40 years, demonstrably competent, experienced, and caring individuals felt the call to assemble for one singular purpose – to unselfishly manage Barbados’ affairs to the great benefit of all of us.

These persons were highly experienced and had reached the pinnacle of their professional careers.  During economically challenging times, they consistently chose to maintain their employees and their employees’ families, rather than lay them off to maintain their profits. There were demonstrable, responsible and caring persons.

These were people who started their businesses and failed. Then they learnt from their failures and tried again, and failed.  But they kept learning from their failures and improved the development, marketing and distribution of their products until they were successful. They understood the cycles of plenty and lack and learned how to manage their businesses in both environments, both on the way up to high profits and on the way down to low or no profits.

They learnt to manage their businesses when Government raised their taxes and when clients did not pay on time, or did not pay at all. They learnt to manage the resulting challenges of paying employees, utility bills, rent, and material suppliers with limited cash flow. They struggled, persevered and eventually succeeded.  They also heard the call to national service.

When persons who have never had any interest in elective politics, and were not connected to any political party, hear the call to unselfishly serve others in this manner, the temptation to reject the call is great. They are told many valid reasons why such a call should go unanswered, and why unselfish people should never get involved in politics.

These well-prepared persons were all intimidated by a political system that tended to reward political supporters and punish everyone else.  Eventually, they decided that the political cost to their reputations and businesses was too high, and they failed to assemble. Barbados is significantly worse off because their failure forced us to choose from a selection of B-players, who have both over-taxed us, and recklessly over-borrowed to give us an illusion of prosperity.

In this upcoming general election, with Barbados on the brink of economic ruin, if the voters elect either the BLP or the DLP, then based on their track records, Barbados will certainly fail.  Therefore, Barbados desperately needs its A-team to not be intimidated by the political system and finally assemble.

Fortunately for Barbadians, twenty-six persons have now formally answered the call and have assembled themselves under Solutions Barbados. They are committed to not letting Barbados down as previous A-team individuals had done. Most of them have over two decades of demonstrated competent experience and all of them are prepared to serve you. Barbados finally has a competent alternative.

The photo shows the following candidates.

Back row: Paul Gibson, Pharmacist (25 years); Andre Griffith, Computer Specialist (13 yrs); Robert Toussaint, Manufacturer (25 yrs); Susan Corbin, Supervisor (17 yrs); Julie Chaldbaud, Photographer (20 yrs); Kenneth Lewis, Joiner (29 yrs); Grenville Phillips II, Structural Engineer (25 yrs);

Mid row: Andrew Banfield, Computer Software Specialist (25 yrs); Daniel Chaldbaud, Contractor and Hospitality (15 yrs); Rev John Carter, Businessman/teacher (40 yrs); Cherone Martindale, Administrator (19 yrs); Fallon Best, Businessman (15 yrs); Wayne Marshall, Tourism and Broadcasting (22 years); Jennifer Highland, Communications and Business Development (20 years);

Front row: Betty Howell, Businesswoman and Home Manager (30 years); Cherie Pounder, Water Resources Scientist (10 years); Angela Gibbs, Clothing Designer and Manufacturer (40 years); Kemar Stuart, Youth Advocate; Angela Edey, Beautician (33 years); Scott Weatherhead, Chief Executive Officer (25 years); Francina Bourne, Paralegal (10 years); Lana Toussaint, Accounts (26 years);

Source: (Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

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  1. Andrew Simpson August 26, 2017 at 11:48 am

    If your party commits to the selection of sectoral leaders, based on professional competence and experience, and a willingness to work together with the church, civic organizations and respected individuals to manage National affairs in a more transparent and accountable manner, I will trust your candidate with my vote. The traditional parties have had more than enough opportunity to do the right thing, and continue to fail.
    Might it be prudent to institute a balanced budget and start paying down the debt. How does your party propose to opportune individuals, to enterprise in the provision of public services? How about tax reform – is there a staged plan?
    What constitutional changes are you proposing to assure that the utmost integrity is maintained and that leaders are held up to review on an annual basis?


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