Accused arsonist under psychiatric evaluation

An alleged arsonist will spend the next three weeks being evaluated by doctors at the Psychiatric Hospital after appearing in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court yesterday on two criminal charges.

The prosecution successfully argued against bail for 29-year-old Mark Richardo Leacock of Apt 5 #63 Husbands Crescent, St Michael, based on the strength of the evidence against him, as well as the serious nature of the charges he faces.

It is alleged that on August 19, he destroyed perfumes, a three-piece sofa set, a television, a microwave, cosmetics, a room divider and mattress, belonging to Ramona Clarke, by fire; and without lawful excuse, damaged, by fire, an apartment belonging to Roosevelt Busby.

He was not required to plead to the charges.

According to Station Sergeant Neville Reid, Leacock was found in the apartment at the time of the alleged fire.

The prosecutor said there was a need to protect society from the accused and him from himself.

“I think I need help,” Leacock said in his bail application.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick agreed, saying that he too was concerned about Leacock’s “mental welfare”.

The report from Leacock’s evaluation is expected to be ready by the time he makes his second court appearance on September 11.

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