Surprise home relief

Mother of six, Sonjaleigh Green is in for quite the early Christmas gift this year.

The Belleplaine, St Andrew resident will get a fully rebuilt house, compliments the Arawak Home Sweet Home Makeover Show.

The Belleplaine St Andrew home of Sonjaleigh Green that will be rebuilt compliments the Arawak Home Sweet Home Makeover Show. 

She was recently surprised with a call that she was the finalist in the television show produced by Alison Saunders of Blue Waters Productions.

Unbeknownst to her, her 24-year-old daughter, Shanece Green-Cumberbatch submitted an application in the hopes of making life a bit more comfortable for her mother and five siblings.

When Green bought the two-bedroom, one-bathroom National Housing Corporation property over 20 years ago, she was unaware of the tremendous renovations it needed. After years of dealing with cracked walls and flooding, the general worker was at her wits end, and was ready to put the house on the market. It was just then that she got the call her home would be refurbished.

“A month after we moved in, it was giving trouble. We had to be back and forth calling National Housing. I got fed up and at one point of time I was looking for somewhere to live, and before I got the call that the judges chose me, I planned to sell the house,” Green told Barbados TODAY.

She was completely blindsided by her daughter who meant to have the “big reveal” as a surprise for her unassuming mother.

“Everybody was calling me, telling me they are going to meet me at my home, and I talked to my mom and told her ‘people coming but they aren’t explaining what is going on’,” Green recalled.

As construction will commence on Tuesday, the family of seven will receive temporary housing accommodation.

Green is looking forward to seeing her new home, and said she was eager for everyone in her family to be happy and comfortable. Her daughter expressed similar sentiments.

“I am just looking forward to all my family being under one roof and comfortable,” Green-Cumberbatch said.

Juan Bedoya, the marketing manager of title sponsor Arawak Cement Company Ltd, applauded the young lady for coming to the aid of her family.

“There is not a child in the world that has not dreamed of giving their parents something back for everything they have done,” he said.

Bedoya assured Barbados TODAY that the sponsors, which also include Genesis Construction, Harris Paints and Tony Brooks Architects would refurbish the property with the needs of everyone in the family in mind.

“We are trying to create a space for everyone. Obviously we have a limitation for land….We are going to extend the square footage of the house so that we can give more room for everybody,” he said.

The home will be completed by October, just in time for the official broadcast of the show on CBC.

Source: by Katrina King

2 Responses to Surprise home relief

  1. springheadgirl August 22, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    Wonderful gesture. Let’s home other businesses come on board with similar projects. Thanks and kudos to everyone.

  2. springheadgirl August 22, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Wonderful gesture.

    Let’s hope other businesses come on board with similar projects.

    Thanks and kudos to everyone.


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