New party appeals for help for Speightstown

The leader of one of the islands newest political parties is appealing for urgent help for some residents in Speightstown, St Peter, following the damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey last week.

Lynroy Scantlebury, who heads the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance (NBKA), told Barbados TODAY the situation was dire and needed immediate attention.

“Something has to be done before it goes from bad to worse. We want to make an appeal to Government to do something and create some type of stimulus package for the residents here. If they are going to relocate them, do something about it. If they’re going to create some type of constructional infrastructure with the residents to make sure their houses are safe in case something like this happens again the Government needs to move now,” he stressed.

He was speaking during a walk-through of the community on Saturday, where he was joined by Neil Holder of the Barbados Integrity Movement.

Scantlebury, who grew up in the area, said he had experienced flooding before, but never like this.

“This is something I’ve seen from the time I was a little boy and this is the worst time I’ve seen it. I know successive Governments have promised to do something about it but haven’t actually done anything. I don’t think that this should be allowed to continue.

“They have to show that they are just as concerned about the citizens of Barbados as they have said. Lives could have been lost down here in St Peter. This could have been a very tragic situation. Before this goes from bad to worst, something needs to be done,” Scantlebury reiterated.

The NBKA leader explained that the flooding was the result of “a combination of water from four gully systems that converge in this area”, and called for action to ensure “that water is properly channelled” by installing additional outlets.

“We have to consider the fact that a lot of lives are at stake. In my opinion no amount of money is too much to make sure that lives are safe,” he said.

With a general election less than a year away, Scantlebury contended that neither of the two major political parties, the incumbent Democratic Labour Party or the Opposition Barbados Labour Party had done enough for the residents of Speightstown.

“I don’t think either Government have paid enough attention to Speightstown and its environs. And this is an opportunity for the residents in St Peter to make a decision about their betterment in this upcoming election. Promises were made several times for the relocation several times and nothing has been done. The time is here now for something to be done,” he insisted.

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