Cox looks to inspire others

Barbados Exhibition winner Shanice Cox is hoping that she will inspire other young girls to pursue studies in fields generally seen as the territory of men.

The former Queen’s College (QC) student, who spent her primary school years at Erdiston Primary and George Lamming Primary School, plans to take advantage of the exhibition to study industrial engineering at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine in Trinidad.

“Industrial engineering is a field that can be manipulated and used in many industries such as hospitality, medicine, and engineering itself, and its aim is to make operating systems more efficient so companies do not waste time and money,” Cox told Barbados TODAY, stressing that she had chosen that field of study because “I don’t want to go into any field that is too overpopulated and then getting a job is difficult.

“Maybe I will inspire a girl or two not to be afraid of entering a field where there are not many women, to let them know they can do whatever they feel like doing, and, in conclusion, speak whatever you want into existence.”

Cox, on of 11 QC students to earn an exhibition, said she virtually spoke her marks into existence, earning four grade ones and a grade two in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination.

“When I completed my exams, I always said I was going to get four grade ones because I already had the grade two in Communications Studies from Lower Sixth, so it was just a matter of bringing the four ones on line.

“I wanted to get a scholarship, but Communications Studies had other plans for me, so I settled for the exhibition,” she quipped.

Cox said her family was “very excited and proud” of her accomplishment, given that she had set her mind to it.

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  1. F.A.Rudder August 22, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Congrats Shanice ! You have chosen a very adaptive field and a discipline that can be used from aviation and space to the medical field. Our International ports both the Harbor and Adams International require your skilled knowledge when you have earned your discipline. Blue prints,diagrams and schematics will be your greatest of interest. I wish you the best of success and a great time at St. Augustine campus. Good luck!!


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