Atherley still ‘swimming in mud’ post-Harvey debris

Seventy-three-year-old Aileen Atherley of Gills Terrace, St Peter is angry that a massive pile up of debris was left outside of her home in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey.

The storm had left Atherley’s house under four feet of water and a sea on mud as it passed over Barbados late Thursday night into Friday morning.

When Barbados TODAY visited Atherley today for an update on the situation, she angrily pointed to the additional debris at her door.

Aileen Atherley shows a Barbados TODAY team the pile up of Debris outside of her Gills Terrace, St Peter home.

“You could imagine that they push dirt, mud, all the debris from the gap down in front my door and leave it? They half do a job and anytime more water come [it will be worse]. The water going back into people house and it will be the same flooding all over again because the water cannot get out.

“Right now my head still spinning, but later today and nobody don’t move it I am going to get a Bobcat and dump it in the canal,” she said.

Harvey’s flood waters caused extensive damage to the elderly woman woman’s property, forcing her to discard both personal and household items.

“I had to dump a whole set of things – curtains, sheets, beds, washing machine. I definitely don’t know, but you know something? God is my helper and I trust in him. . . . stereo, Flow box, everything gone and I had a tenant coming in on Sunday and I had to accommodate her otherwise,” she said, adding that despite raising the windows, the water still got into the house.

Atherley, whose home was insured, said she visited her insurance company this morning, and was awaiting word on compensation.

“For sure the insurance did not cut me off. I went and pay my insurance which was due the 23rd of this month, so the house is reinsured. I don’t know how much they will give me. I do not keep no properties uninsured because you don’t know what will happen,” she said.

However, while she waits she needs help with cleaning, she said, and has already received some assistance from Colin Jordan, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St Peter.

“The authorities give no assistance. None. Any assistance we got down here was by BLP candidate Colin Jordan. He paid some guys on the block to wash out my house.

“I arrange with a gentleman to come and sanitize the house. Nobody can’t go in that house like that. I wash down all the mud from in front my door,” Atherley said. 

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  1. Ossie Moore August 22, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Politics or no politics Barbados still has some good old boys!


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