Andrew’s balancing act

Effective time management enabled Carlos Andrew to balance schoolwork, sports and music and become one of this year’s Barbados Scholarship winners.

“It was not too hard for me. I had to set out time for each day, so I divided it up into eight hours of work, eight hours of play. I just kept that in mind so I could get everything done,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Carlos Andrew successfully balanced academics, sports and music in his quest to win a Barbados Scholarship.

He will be utilizing those time management skills when he studies medicine at the University of the West Indies at Mona Campus in Jamaica.

Along with his academic studies, sports kept Andrew busy at Harrison College (HC).

“I played volleyball for Deacons in the third division, and was the captain of the HC team for three years. I was training for Barbados as well, for the past two years . . . .Last year, I was a House captain as well,” he said, adding that he also had an interest in music.

“I was part of the school choir and although I have graduated I still go back and participate. I played drums in the group Spray Starch, which performed at Harrison College’s graduation.”

Andrew was cooking when he got word of his scholarship award, and recalled that he lost his appetite as soon as he heard the news.

“I wasn’t hungry anymore. I started running and jumping all over the house and when I sat down it finally sank in, and I was happy for three days straight,” he said. “My family was relieved and excited, especially since it means [less spent on] fees to be paid for university,” the former St Giles Primary School student said.

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