Off to Dodds


Two “well known” robbers from Deacons, St Michael will each spend 12-months at HMP Dodds for mugging two people near a City car park earlier this month.

Kelson Anderson Nicholas Gordon Gibson, of Block 4G, Neptune Road; and Akeil Hezekiah Callender, of Block 1C, Sunny Side Court, were riding bicycles along the Wharf car park on August 10 when they came across Marsha Sargeant and Troy James around 8:30 p.m.

Callender, a 29-year-old labourer, struck James with a piece of wood and demanded he empty his pockets and take off his pants. Frightened for his life, James complied. Callender took $10 from James’ pockets and picked up two cellular phones that had fallen on the ground.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Gibson pursued Sargeant who ran off in fear during the incident. The joiner/painter caught up with the woman, grabbed her purse and emptied the contents, taking two cellular phones.

As they rode off, Gibson threw one of the phones into the wharf.

He and Callender were subsequently arrested and charged for the robbery.

“I am very sorry for what I did. On the night, the lady that ran off – she dropped her two phones that were in her hand. I throw away the Nokia phone and kept the Samsung. I did not take any money,” Gibson told Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

“I did not go with no intention of robbing nobody. When he [Callender] was robbing the man or doing whatever with the man, the lady ran and dropped her phone,” he added.

However, Magistrate Frederick educated Gibson on the concept of joint enterprise, saying, “you are as guilty as he is”.

Adding that Gibson was known to the court for robbery, including theft of cellular phones, the magistrate asked, “prison is not helping you?”

Gibson replied: “It was just that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I would like a chance to apologize and compensate her [Sargeant]. I feel so bad right now.”

Magistrate Frederick then turned his attention to Callender who had recently been released after spending a two-year stint in prison for burglary.

“I am sorry for my action. I ask to be granted a chance so I can pay back,” Callender said.

However, Frederick made it clear that there were no mitigating factors in the case against the men.

“You are hell bent on doing these things. You don’t want to work for what you want,” the magistrate said.

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