Talking about Harvey and gun violence

The rising incidence of gun violence which has been sweeping across the length and breadth of Barbados, along with bad weather over the last 24 hours, dominated this week’s news cycle.

Like all other systems, Harvey started as a tropical disturbance in the Atlantic. However, by the time it started affecting the island last evening, it had developed into a full-fledged tropical storm.

In anticipation of the arrival of the system, Government offices and private sector businesses closed early yesterday to allow staff to get home in time to complete preparations for the approaching storm.

However, the early shutdown of the bus service provided by the Transport Board left many commuters stranded. Some readers commented about the decision.

“It was the very late notification by the emergency unit and met office. Had sufficient notice been given, the traffic and transportation could have been better all day. Everyone was like Alice in Wonderland,” one reader said.

Another suggested that the agencies were not at fault but it was the lack of preparedness on the part of the average Barbadian. “This is hurricane season and we should always be alert. Some people may also be stranded because some employers feel that they have to grab every last penny and then they don’t even have the decency to hire transportation for their workers.”

Overnight, the storm brought heavy showers and thunderstorms with stunning lightning displays in the night sky before starting to calm down in the early hours of the morning.

This morning, two young men opted to take a bath at the popular Hot Pot even though authorities had not yet issued the all clear. Their picture quickly went viral and a debate ensued about the situation.

“Really sad, such acts can put others in danger if something were to happen . . . there should be a law where anyone found disobeying could be charged,” one reader suggested angrily.

A female vented her frustration after seeing the photo. She said: “If something happened and there was no one to rescue them, then you all would have a next problem. If they say “stay indoors, stay indoors!”

Meanwhile, gun violence continues to wreak havoc. The latest incident was a drive by shooting in the Pine. Residents of the St Michael community said they were used to outbreaks of gunfire, but the brazen manner in which two men were shot came as a surprise to many of them.

Forty-year-old Kerwin Depeche and 35-year-old Ryan Quimby were hanging out with other men at a shop in the area of Block 5, Bottom Close, Wildey when an unknown assailant reportedly exited a van and opened fire on the group of men, injuring Depeche and Quimby.

Depeche was shot in his right foot, while Quimby was shot twice in his left thigh.

Anglican priest, Reverend Hugh Sandiford, commented on the current state of gun violence in Barbados and established a link with the society moving away from Christianity, for which he suggested Government was partly responsible.

Delivering the sermon at the St Matthias Anglican Church where members of the Barbados Defence Force attended a service to mark its 38th anniversary, Sandiford said for a long time Christianity has been losing its influence on the island.

“In our nation, this has been evident for quite some time, but during this 20-year period, we witnessed the renaming of several schools,” he said.

“This attempt to raise our national consciousness also simultaneously removed reminders of Christianity from the psyche of our nation, thereby further weakening its influence.”

Rev Sandiford drew support from many online readers.

One said: “This is one of the best and most intelligent responses to recent events so far and the Reverend Hugh Sandiford has identified and connected many complex factors that have caused the social breakdown. And he spoke the truth. But it will float above several heads because we no longer train our minds to think. And as a culture we have become weak and debased and we resent the truth about ourselves rather than change it to be better”

“An insightful and truthful sermon from Rev Sandiford. Our society, despite the recent introduction of other religions, has been built on Christianity; the basis of which is the Ten Commandments on which Western Law is built. If this along with other social and moral lessons is not taught, the breakdown we are seeing will continue. Simply put, if you cannot appreciate that man did not create life and so should not take it and persons do not see the importance of “Thou shalt not kill” our efforts will be in vain. We need to return to basics,” another reader said.

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  1. jrsmith August 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Our black people is so confuse its always one step forward and 10 backward……Black people talk about the past history of slavery, but our new found freedom isn’t really that different………………
    We are so (lock down ) because our black politicians , realize how easy it is to follow the ways how, the new generation of past slave masters is controlling our people …………………..
    By just allowing them the freedom of they minds , to build churches , have as many funny name religions as they like purchase as many bibles as they can and in they homes pictures of this blonde hair blue eyed man who have died for they sins , but what sins , black people were physically and mentally enslaved for centuries , the sins was against us blacks thats the confusion ……………………..
    Look at the world , it seems as though the only people who is still being punish is our blacks, we didn’t design the guns but its in preference by our young low lives than to have a decent meal ….
    For us we will always be standing at the cross roads of time waiting with tin cup in hand for the crumbs from the white world tables…………………………………………



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