GUYANA – Man burns to death after setting home afire

GEORGETOWN – A West Coast Berbice man is now dead following a morning blaze yesterday.

The aftermath of the fire at Cotton Tree Village where 52-year-old Baldeoram was burnt to death.

The man reportedly set his house alight after threatening to do so earlier that morning.

Dead is Bisram Baldeoram, 52 of Cotton Tree Village.

Officials have revealed that Baldeoram and his wife were involved in a heated argument when he threatened to kill himself and set the house ablaze.

The wife of the now dead man decided to head to Georgetown to stay at a relative’s home after the quarrel.

After the woman left, Baldeoram went to a friend’s house where he related to the friend that he wanted to kill himself and burn his house down as well. This was not taken seriously since the man would normally make such outbursts after disputes with his wife.

At approximately 11 a.m. yesterday he returned home. It was minutes later that neighbours saw smoke emanating from the house.

The fire service was immediately summoned to the scene, but was unable to save the man from the blaze.

Reliable sources told Kaieteur News that the house, which had only one exit, was blocked with a table by Baldeoram to prevent anyone from entering.

The fire service has since launched an investigation.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

2 Responses to GUYANA – Man burns to death after setting home afire

  1. Michael Holder
    Michael Holder August 18, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Dear Barbados Today… Thank you… Origin of the story in online blurb.

  2. Anfaani Henry
    Anfaani Henry August 18, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    i’m sorry that happened. so tragic. but glad he didn’t harm his wife.


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