Crop thief awaits sentencing

A 39-year-old man who was remanded to HMP Dodds after admitting to praedial larceny will know his fate next month.

On August 15, Kirk Antonio Taylor of Lodge Road, Christ Church was found with $543 worth of agricultural produce without the necessary certificate of purchase.

Taylor, who is known to the criminal justice system, had set up a makeshift tray along the road in his community with 15 different fruits and vegetables on display.

On sale were 60 pounds of breadfruits; three pounds of limes; five pounds of bananas; 11 pounds of golden apples; 12 pounds of pawpaw; 13 pounds of sugar apples; nine pounds of mangoes; 11 pounds of avocadoes; 35 pounds of ackees; four pounds of chilli plums; four pounds of pomegranates; ten pounds of passion fruit; 21 pounds of Jamaican ackee and five pounds of silver sweet fruit.

A police officer who was on foot patrol asked him about the items and he allegedly responded that they were his and were for sale.

However, he told the policeman that he was not a farmer and had not purchased the produce, but had found the items on various trees around the neighbourhood. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Taylor was remanded to Dodds prison earlier this week after explaining himself to Magistrate Elwoods Watts when he appeared in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court.

He returns before the magistrate on September 14.

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