Magistrate dismisses assault case

A man who had an assault charge hanging over his head since 2014 has been freed of that burden after expressing his frustration about the delay in the case.

“This is nonsense!” an animated Noel Robinson Jack, of no fixed place of abode, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick today after the prosecutor requested yet another adjournment in his matter.

Jack, 44, had been accused of assaulting Leanne Hall on October 22, 2014, occasioning her actual bodily harm. He denied the charge and had been on $1,500 bail since his first appearance, under the condition that he report to the Worthing Police Station every Monday and Thursday.

“This is affecting my job, my work,” Jack, who revealed that he was a car washer, told Magistrate Frederick.

“I am frustrated, I need medication, I need food. I can’t get my money from the Treasury. I don’t have nothing. This is a no case submission,” he argued.

The magistrate dismissed the case after informing the prosecution that the accused man was right, as it had been two years since the charge and “not a shred of evidence” had been offered in the case against him.

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