Hotels expect CARIFESTA boost

Hotel hoteliers anticipate a lucrative payday thanks to the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) which opens here on Friday.

The August 17 to 27 event is expected to attract an estimated 2,000 artistes, in addition to other visitors to Barbados.

Tourism officials believe it will provide a boost to the island’s tourism product, with a number of properties reporting increased bookings, including those under the Intimate Hotels of Barbados grouping.

“We don’t usually get a lot of group bookings at this time of the year, [but yes] a few hotels do have bookings from persons throughout the region that are coming in for CARIFESTA. I can’t say if they are the official contingents or if they are just performers or if they are just people who are coming to participate or spectate but we definitely have booking across the grouping.

“We haven’t compiled all of our Crop Over numbers as yet, since the season just ended, but for sure this is obviously a spike for occupancy for the month of August,” Chief Executive Officer Gayle Headley-Lowe told Barbados TODAY.

Like the Intimate Hotels, the south coast property, Divi Hotel and Resort is also experiencing bullish returns.

General Manager Alvin Jemmott said the hotel is fully booked for CARIFESTA, although the level of bookings is not a true reflection of the situation because “I have part of my room inventory out of operation because of an upgrade that we are doing to the hotel.

“But even with that we are going to be fully booked. Here at Divi we are going to be hosting people who have come to spectate. They would have booked on their own and they would have come to enjoy the events and the culture,” Jemmott said.

Jemmott stressed that with the number of events slated for the ten-day event, “visitors will have the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in Barbadian culture and likewise the other participants that will be putting on events as well”.

Government is hoping that the festival will help take a bite from the crippling foreign exchange deficit, with Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley saying it was important to recognize that the cultural industries can bring in much needed foreign exchange.

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  1. Hermine Alleyne August 17, 2017 at 7:15 am

    All of this is a hope,as my granny always said don’t count your chicken before they hatch,how about the big up who is paying for them???projection are I hope,we paying too hence the new tax,just keeping it real.


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