Dancing for the Glory of God

In the midst of the Crop Over season, hundreds turned up last Sunday to a spectacular show of a different kind.The occasion was the Covenant Life Teaching Centre (CLTC) School of Dance inaugural production, To God be the Glory. Held at the dance school’s Green Hill, St. Michael church base, the show featured a full line-up of over 50 dancers in 22 professionally choreographed pieces.

An invitation to worship
The audience was captivated by the well choreographed moves.

Artistic director Valarie King, a trained dancer and choreographer, took patrons on a journey of the trials and victories, praise and worship that characterize the Christian walk.

There was a full mix of pageantry, drama, mime, poetry and song that supported the show’s theme. 

Featured artistes included gospel singers John Yarde, who recently launch his album 1st John; and Ria Simone, the 2015 Flow Gospel Challenge winner.

Local poet and dramatist Lynette Taylor craftily merged the sentiments of three of the songs for the evening with a piece called Justified, Now I Stand with Clean Hands.

Special performers also included top local dancer and choreographer Gene Carson and the Barbados Dance Centre.King was full of praise for the dancers, who Carson said ranged in age from three to 50 years. 

“They worked very hard and were committed to making sure that this inaugural dance show was the beginning of great things for CLTC School of Dance; but the main thing about the show, beyond the music and the talent, was the Christian message that was portrayed”, she said. 

Patrons agreed that while there was many stand out pieces, Hosanna, featuring dancers in large angelic wings; Presence of the Lord, for which the dancers received a standing ovation; Champion, which showcased the smaller children of the school; and No Longer a Slave, were the most impactful.

The school’s director, Shantal Munro-Knight, explained that it has a strong focus on excellence and discipline. 

“We try not only to achieve and maintain the technical skills of dance, but we also emphasize high standards of dress and behaviour. In all that we do we aim to demonstrate that Christians can be at the forefront of the arts with a standard of excellence that glorifies God,” she said.

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