Court blanked


Schifo Romario Grimes was remanded to prison today, possibly losing his chance to keep his criminal record clean, after blatantly refusing to perform 140 hours of community service.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick had imposed the community service on the 20-year-old Pilgrim Road, Christ Church resident back in February, after he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

As a first-time offender, he was sentenced under the Penal Reform Act, which saw him getting a second chance. However, the security guard reportedly squandered that opportunity, as the Probation Department, which oversees community service, told the court that he had no desire to complete the hours allotted to him and also had no regards for the consequences.

In fact, Magistrate Frederick heard that Grimes had completed only five hours of the service despite being issued several warning letters over his failure to report to perform his duty.

The No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court had also issued an arrest warrant for him on August 9, for his failure to attend court.

When Grimes appeared in court today, he informed the magistrate he was not interested in the sentence handed down. As such, Frederick remanded him until September 14.

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