Magistrate advises youth against going wrong road

A local magistrate has encouraged Barbadian youth to take advantage of the numerous opportunities being made available to them to be leaders and role models.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick gave the advice to the 11- to 16-year-olds who were at the closing ceremony of the Shaping Adolescents to Function in their Environment (SAFE) Zone summer programme last Friday.

“I am seeing too many young people before me, young people who have not had these opportunities, young people who are misguided, who are watching television and getting all of these ideas about negativity and then putting them into practise. I want to see and hear young people doing positive things,” the featured speaker said.

He applauded the developmental summer programme which is hosted by Support Our Society (SOS) Charity for equipping students with tools such as leadership, public speaking, and team building, that would help them not only in secondary school but as they continue into the world of work.

“We need leaders and you have been given and equipped with the tools for leadership, so that when one of your friends tells you ‘come let us go and do something’ you will have to decide in your mind, [based on] your knowledge and upbringing, whether that is right or wrong, and you will be strong enough to say ‘No, I am not doing it’,” Frederick said, as he told the youngsters they all had the potential to be the future leaders of this nation.

Broaching the issue of gun violence, the magistrate contended that until a solution is found to address that problem, the island would remain in a worrying state.

President of SOS Fabian Sargeant added that more social workers were needed in primary and secondary schools. In light of the acts of violence that have been seen on traditional and social media, he said, an intervention was needed to bring about much change.

“We really want to make an impact on our Barbadian society. We need it now. If we do not target these young people now, five, ten, 15, 20 years from now we are going to be wishing we helped them,” he said.

“You cannot treat a tree that has done grown; you have to help it when it is growing, you have to groom it.”




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