E-Sports: A viable option, says gaming company boss

A local gaming company wants to take Electronic Sports (E-Sports) to the Caribbean.

TRIO Director, 25-year-old Daniel Boyce told Barbados TODAY that there are many educational and financial opportunities to be derived from the E-Sports sector.

“Internationally we are seeing universities offering scholarships for persons to play games abroad. We have some tournaments that are paying millions of dollars for gamers league. [They have] a huge tournament [where the cash prize] is US$5 million,” he said.

“We are trying to get persons here to realize that gaming is a career for the persons that build video games and the persons that play video games. There are also career opportunities for persons who are good at playing video games to coach other players to play. Teams employ persons to coach and scout. E- sports is really big in the world but there is no presence in the Caribbean,” Boyce added.

He spoke with Barbados TODAY at his pop-up arcade in Sky Mall, noting that their first step is to sensitizing members of the public about the benefits of E-sports and eradicate the stigma attached to gaming.

Domink Sobers (left) and Daniel Boyce, Director of TRIO

Boyce also said that video games can help children learn team building and leadership qualities which employers look for when choosing an employee.

With the recent increase in gun violence, Boyce was asked if playing violent games could lead to the nation’s youth becoming involved in violent acts.

“Well it hasn’t been proven. Obviously at a youthful age you can be influenced. I would not advise a seven-year-old child to play Grand Theft Auto,” he said.

“There is no study saying that it would harm them but we don’t promote that here. We have games suited for every age group. As a parent, I would not like to see my children playing violent games, thus I do not promote it in my company.”

Boyce said he would like to go into schools and promote the benefits of E-gaming as he believes it would be something that could interest the students at both the primary and secondary levels.

“We would like to go into the education sector because there are a lot of programmes for children who like football, cricket . . . Some of our youth don’t like that, some are into art, some are into music, some are into gaming . . . we want to be there for the ones who are into gaming and technology,” Boyce said.

“We want to [hopefully] provide an extra-curricular activity to help those children in the school. Because that is one extra day a week that your child will not be doing lawlessness . . . as we are in a time where parents are worried about their kids, so this will cut down the idle time between school and home,” Boyce added. (LG)

Two children playing Donkey Kong and Dirt 3

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  1. fedup August 14, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Wuuna cud really let the children go and run around on some pasture and minimize their risk of non-communicable disease when they get older.


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