People must be protected from themselves

Dear Sir,

The Minister of Health was recently on television speaking about the response of the public to the consumption of highly sweetened drinks.

But what has become of the statement “we have to protect the people from themselves”.

Government across the globe possess considerable powers and can change or overturn a variety of situations that are not in the best interest of their constituents.

Most, if not all, of these powers are enshrined in law and are utilized to the fullest extent where necessary.

If Barbadians are still consuming highly sugary manufactured drinks in spite of additional taxation, then taxation is neither a solution nor a deterrent.

If the Minister of Health is not totally satisfied with the response of the public towards the consumption of highly sweetened drinks, then he should be bold enough to say so, engage his Cabinet colleague the Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce and read the relevant Act to the local drink manufacturers.

May I say yet one more time that there are powers vested in the relevant minister under the Act that establishes the role and authority of the Barbados National Standards Institute.

Please protect the people from themselves.

Michael Ray

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