Campers urged to pursue entrepreneurship

Be job creators and not job seekers!

Part of Team Orange presenting their business plan to the judges.

This was the advice from Cleviston Hunte, director of Youth in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, to 56 young campers who took part in this year’s Camp Enterprise at Queen’s College in Husbands, St James.

During Thursday’s closing ceremony, the campers, who were divided into five groups, presented their business plans, which they worked on over the course of four weeks, to a panel of judges.

Hunte, who said he was very pleased with what the 13 to 16 year olds had done, encouraged them to continue to stroke their entrepreneurship spirit.

“You as young people need to plan now in order to secure your future. You need to become job creators and not job seekers. You need to seek out opportunities to control your financial destiny and you need to create wealth for yourself. The most effective way of doing so is to become entrepreneurs,” he said.

The youth director told the campers that based on what he saw, they had what it took to become full-time entrepreneurs.

“Each one of you have tremendous potential that can be best used to contribute to making our country better. This will only happen if you choose to use the tools and God given talents you have been equipped with, and secondly to give you the resources you need to create opportunities. I’m optimistic that whatever path you choose will be successful the fact that you have stayed the course to date is testament to your will to succeed. You are armed with knowledge and information to contribute to your success,” he added.

The youth director reminded them however that entrepreneurship was associated with many risks and hard work but told them not to let this be a deterrent to them.

“Entrepreneurship is typically associated with a great deal of risks and hard work and oftentimes it may seem easier to find a job. [But] the job market is rapidly shrinking. There is no longer such a thing as a secure job. Entrepreneurship is important to helping us to build a strong and productive Barbados,” he said.

Hunte praised the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) for a job well done and for providing great opportunities for young people.

“Camp Enterprise is one of the right initiatives that creates the right environment to create the spirit of entrepreneurship, in particular the business lab, which focuses on learning by doing and building entrepreneurs like you to spot opportunities and to develop innovative business ideas, take them to market and take them on a path to sustainability.

“I wish to commend the YES team, sponsors of the course, development partners and our facilitators for doing an excellent job of birthing young entrepreneurs,” he said.

However, Hunte said he would love to see entrepreneurship being introduced to children at a younger age.

“It’s important for us to mainstream entrepreneurship into primary schools. The earlier it becomes a culture, the earlier it becomes a part of you,” he added.

Featured Speaker and Director of Flawless Performance Centre Richie Wiggins, in a fiery presentation, reminded the campers that they were not defined by their past.

“You are not defined by guns and violence, you are not defined by where you came from, you are not defined by the clothes you wear, you can make a difference,” he said.

Wiggins also urged them not to pray for tangible things but for wisdom and understanding.

“Things that are tangible will go away. If you pray for more wisdom you will go much further, you will make the right decisions. If you strive for excellence, falling short of that is still great,” he said, adding that “the sufferings of this present time cannot compare to the glory in you and what is to come. You have to show up and be strong. If it is for you, it’s already yours”.

Camp Director Cherryann Jordan said this year’s camp was a resounding success and thanked all who participated and assisted.

Each camper was presented with a trophy during the closing ceremony.

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  1. Ras Small
    Ras Small August 12, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Da ain’t/won’t be enuff jobs in de marketplace fah dem anyhow!


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