Violence is not the way

The Catholic Church extends deepest sympathy to all persons whose lives have been shattered by the unfortunate incidents that marred the last night of our Crop Over festival. We pray for all the families, victims and the emergency services personnel who responded and provided assistance.

The dignity and value of human life is of paramount importance. We must all take a no-tolerance approach to violence and we must do it now. This will require everyone working together as good neighbours, exploring all options and finding the path for justice, peace and love. Being a good neighbour also means speaking up, standing up and being ready and willing to get involved.

As a Church, we will continue to comfort the bereaved families of victims of violence, we will also work with all leaders in society in order to take meaningful and swift action to address this scourge, this cancer that is devouring and seeking to destroy our society and our next generation.

Whatever is the genesis of violence in our communities, we all have a responsibility to help our young people to see that violence is not the way for them to resolve conflict or disagreements they encounter.

The Roman Catholic family will continue to pray in earnest for mercy, peace, healing, reconciliation, justice and fairness; we also pray for our leaders to have wisdom and strength to mend our nation so that our young people, all created in God’s image, will put down their weapons, desist from violent and destructive behaviour, and work together in a constructive way, to build a better Barbados.

Source: (Jason Gordon)

2 Responses to Violence is not the way

  1. jrsmith August 11, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    If religion and praying was any good ,we wouldn’t have wars in Africa, wars in the middle east babies dying from hunger and starvation…………………… All of these churches should just shut the doors turn the churches into factories , giving our people jobs you cant beat jobs for the people, what have black people got to show from religion and the churches .. nothing……………………

    • jennifer August 11, 2017 at 7:42 pm

      “this cancer that is devouring and seeking to destroy our society and our next generation”.

      Sttttoooooooppppppp. Cancer?????? You’re it. For many generations too, and for almost 400yrs.


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