Baker accused of stealing $196 in juice

A 33-year-old baker will spend the next 28 days on remand at Dodds prison, despite denying a burglary charge.

Corey Ricardo Walcott of Howell’s Cross Road, St Michael is accused of entering the home of Kirk Straker on August 4 and stealing 48 bottles of juice worth $196.

He was denied his freedom after the prosecutor revealed that police were still searching for two other persons allegedly connected to the crime.

“The prosecution is of the view that if granted bail he will impede the investigations,” Station Sergeant Glenda Carter-Nicholls said while pointing to the seriousness of the offence as well as Walcott’s six prior convictions.

In arguing for his freedom the accused man told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant he had no other matters pending in the court system and had “fully cooperated” with the police.

“I gave the police the names of the other two people. I have never absconded from court in the past and I am a fit candidate for bail,” Walcott maintained,  while promising to adhere to any bail conditions set.

“I am not a flight risk. I did not commit this act. I am willing to comply to curfew, signing in, whatever, Ma’am,” he added.

Walcott’s whose application was denied will re-appear in No. 2 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on September 6.

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