Ocean Two plays mas

Staff and guests of the Ocean Two Resort & Residences  are still  singing the popular songs of Crop Over 2017 and feeling the vibes on the southcoast.

This was evident during their fifth annual Kadooment  Fever event,  at the Dover-based property,  where staff and guests  sang and danced  to pulsating calypso and steel-pan music while fully enjoying a memorable evening. A number of staff members also modeled  colourful and attractive costumes to further reflect the spirit of the season.

The event, staged just before  the big Kadooment Monday street party, proved to be a warm-up to the major event and  not even rains were able to stop the jam as the party was shifted indoors  when showers  associated with a tropical wave poured on the outside.

Visitor Shirley Blazejezyk, from Chicago, dances with Ocean Two Resort staffer and costume model Gabrielle Gill during their mini Kadooment fever.

Operations Manager Natalie King said the annual event was created to give guests a Crop Over experience and expose them to  some of the activities that make-up the island’s annual Summer Festival.

A memorable element of the party was the appearance of popular calypsonian Mikey, who got a rousing response from both locals and visitors as he belted out such hits – This Is How I Enjoy me Life,  We Loose , Level Up and Fetting and Brass.

Staff and Guests of Ocean Two Resort getting “Loose” with calypsonian Mikey  at their mini-Kadooment Fever event.

Among the visitors enjoying the event were American Shirley Blazejezyk, and friend Marlon Eastmond from Chicago, who were staying at Ocean Two for the first time.

“It is a great event coinciding with the Festival … the resort is great and  the staff  are nice,” said  Blazejezyk.

In between the modeling of costumes, dancing with Mother Sally, staff and guests also enjoyed loads of fun and laughter as they showed their skills in  limbo dancing.

“Our staff and guests look forward to this event in the Crop Over season  and we are already thinking about next year  ,” said  King.  

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