Kadooment revellers brave heat

The cry was the same for revellers as they made their way along the Black Rock section of the route – “it is too hot”.
Many of those taking part in this year’s Kadooment Day complained that the heat was almost unbearable.
However, the scorching heat, which was accompanied by the occasional cloudy skies, did not stop the party lovers from fully enjoying the soca and calypso tunes that filled the air along the way as they demonstrated their flexibility and dancing skills.
Some revellers from various bands told Barbados TODAY they wished it would rain, saying this year seemed a little hotter than previous years.
President of the Civil Society of Venezuelans in Barbados Mirna Hughes, who jumped with the Lucky Horseshoe band, said despite the absence of designer Renee Ratcliffe  this year, it did well.
Ratcliffe passed away last year after presenting her band for judging at the National Stadium.
“The band was good although Renee not here with us this year,” said the Lucky Horseshoe reveller.

“The only thing is this year is very hot. It is too hot,” added Hughes.
As the bands made their way along the Black Rock section of the route, hundreds of onlookers took up every vantage point in order to catch a glimpse of the gyrating revellers.
With beverage and food in hand, some of the excited spectators joined the revellers in dancing and prancing along the street.
However, many of the spectators were not satisfied with the length of time they had to wait at intervals for each band to past the location.

The first band past through the Black Rock area about 10:45 a.m. The second band – Blue Box Cart – did not past until about 35 minutes later.
It was a similar situation for some of the remaining bands making their way to Spring Garden where the highly anticipated annual Kadooment Day jump climaxed.
As is customary, the HIV/AIDS Commission issued condoms along the route as they encouraged residents to engage in safe sexual practices.
Besides the vendors along the street side, hustlers moved along the route trying to sell various items ranging from peanuts to  snocones, flags, cold beverages and even books.
Police officers were also out in their numbers as they ensured safety.
Some people who chose not to play mas this year told Barbados TODAY “times rough”, indicating they simply could not afford it. (MM)

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  1. Kevin August 8, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Well the sun is hot yah know.


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