Landscaper begs for more time

A 27-year-old landscaper was given a reprieve this week after begging for more time to comply with a court ruling.

Earlier this year Peter Augustus Lewis of Manchester Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael pleaded guilty to damaging a house belonging to Anderson Walkes without lawful excuse sometime between March 7 and 8.

Lewis and his family were renting the property from Walkes who had given them a month to vacate his premises. However, when the landlord went to check on the property he noticed lines of red paint on the outer and inner walls.

Lewis was ordered to compensate Walkes $4,600 for the damage, with half of the amount payable by July 7 and the remainder by July 31.

However, when Lewis returned to the court on Wednesday, he informed the magistrate that he had only been able to make half of the payment.

“I just begging for an extension. I would like at least until the end of August,” Lewis requested adding; “I really don’t want to go to prison. Prison hard Sir, I don’t want to go up there, I have friends up there and they say it hard. I made a mistake and I am willing to pay for my mistake.”

After hearing his plea, Magistrate Douglas Frederick granted Lewis until September 22 to pay the balance or he will have to spend nine months at HMP Dodds.    

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  1. Helicopter(8P) August 7, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Your ten minutes of destructive work has now caused you to know that Her Majesties Prison Dodds has a had labor program that is alive and well in its operation from day to day. During the fifties and early sixties hard labor meant going to the Quarry with a hand drill and you were an instant Bob cat or Caterpillar D-8 ripper. The road sides were cleared of bush and all government properties were kept immaculately; further more Pilgrim House better knows as Government House. All mahogany leaves were swept from the surrounding Government House walls from Government Hill, Welches Terrace and up Pine Hill all primly kept.


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