Bridgetown Market patrons get CPR lesson

Some of the early patrons at Bridgetown Market this afternoon got a lesson in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) when training and development company Regal Development Solutions staged a simulation of a sudden cardiac arrest on Spring Garden Highway.

It was part of their ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the need to ensure individuals’ medical safety, particularly during this weekend of festivities.

“So essentially you have a family enjoying Bridgetown Market . . . and something happens, you know. The mother, she is in pain, she starts to grimace, you can see the pain in her face and she just collapses.  And of course this would have happened so many times before, and we’re hoping that on this occasion she would be able to get help,” Manager Dionne Lickorish explained.

She added that the Crop Over season was a good opportunity to educate the public on assisting others in the event of such an emergency, recalling last year’s sudden passing of veteran bandleader Renee Ratcliffe, after she collapsed at the national stadium on Kadooment Day.

“We have not forgotten that event and we want to continue to raise awareness of the importance of being trained, knowing CPR, having AEDs [automated external defibrillators] around so that you can access help if you need it,” she said.

Medics attend to ‘patient’ Claire Cuffley-McClean

Lickorish said there is also a need to highlight the risks of non-communicable diseases, which can contribute to heart attacks.

She added that the company plans to conduct additional exercises throughout the year.

“As you may be aware our goal is to have one person in every household trained by the year 2020.  So this is all part of raising awareness and bringing home that importance of understanding what you can do when something happens,” Lickorish said.

Ambulance services were also on hand for the exercise

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