TRINIDAD – Destra falls through stage breaking ankle

PORT OF SPAIN –– Queen of Bacchanal World Tour 2017 may now be canceled for T&T’s soca artiste Destra Garcia following an accident in Bermuda after she fell through a stage during her performance.

Garcia suffered a broken ankle and is expected to undergo surgery, according to sources close to her. She was also expected to return to T&T last night.

Garcia was performing at the Cup Match Summer Splash event in Bermuda when tragedy struck.

The artiste, also known as Lucy, had to be fitted with a neck brace and removed from the stage on a stretcher.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, a fellow colleague in the soca arena and friend of Garcia, Ancil “Blaze” Isaac Jr said that infrastructure is something that they would all have to look into closely as most of them “took it for granted”.

Soca artiste Destra Garcia, who sustained injuries when she fell through a stage while performing at Cup Match Summer Splash event in Bermuda on Wednesday.

“We take everything for granted. We go and do a sound check and make sure the sound is ok but we actually have to make sure that the infrastructure of the said event is working for us,” Isaac said.

He said that they may even have to employ Occupation Safety and Health personnel. “Things like short stage and monitors in your way, we have to look at because they are serious safety concerns. We may have to get OSHA people involved to check to make sure the stage is safe for us.”

The CNC3’s Rundown show host even suggested that a clause is included in their respective contracts, “It will work out well for us to safeguard ourselves and also safeguard promoters against being sued for something like this.”

Asked if he made contact with Garcia and/or her manager, Brian Morris, Blaze replied “yes” and added that he was told that she was in “extreme pain”.

When contacted Canada-based promoter, Kenson King said he was saddened by the incident and wished Garcia a speedy and full recovery.

For the three events carded for this weekend’s Caribana, in Toronto, King said the shows will go on without her but added that a “Gell Well Soon” dedication will take place at one of the three events.

“We want Destra to know that she is missed and we all are sad as to what happened and is wishing her a quick recovery and that we look out for her in the future. Destra is well loved by us all,” King said.

Garcia’s tour included Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Virgin Islands (for next week’s Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs East End leg of the festival) and Toronto, Canada.

Source: (T&T Guardian)

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