Slap in the face

Marzville not pleased with 48 points in Sweet Soca

While he has accepted his fourth place finish in the highly competitive Sweet Soca competition, Marzville is questioning how he received just 48 points out of the maximum 100 for his performance.

The artiste, whose real name is Omar McQuilkin, performed the popular Give It To Yah at Soca Royale on Sunday night at Bushy Park, placing behind Lil Rick who finished third with 72 points for Blessing; Nikita who earned 82 points for her performance of Carry Festival; and the 2017 Sweet Soca monarch Red Plastic Bag who got 10 less than full points for Boat Ride.

When the results were announced, Marzville said he was shocked to hear how few points he had received.

“I did not get a break down . . . . The fourth place I would not have [minded] . . . but 48 points? Come on man! That is not even half of 100. So, you are trying to tell me I went off key or something like that. As a man that sings R&B and stuff, I think 48 points is a slap to the face, to be honest,” he told Bajan Vibes.


“The fourth place I didn’t mind, as I honestly went there to enjoy myself and let the public enjoy it, which is what I saw – that the public enjoyed it – so I cool, I happy . . . . But 48 points, man, 48 points?”

Marzville gave some insight into the song which was written by him, Stabby and Gorg, and produced by Superlynks.

“Well, we started it from last year. We went to Gorg’s house, and I told him that I wanted something more back in time style, old ragga soca. He told me he had a beat . . . [and] we came up with a melody. When we returned from Trinidad, we went to Hardware. I sang the melody and I was told to go home and fix it up. He came back and had words that were not so good. Then he brought Stabby into the studio and he added some words as well,” he explained.

While many fans love Marzville’s songs, which include some in the Bashment Soca genre, he first entered the entertainment arena using his given name.

He performed as Omar McQuilkin in the Junior Monarch competition and the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition. But he became recognized in 2010 for his hit single, and My Boo, featuring Hawkeye Eveready.

In 2012, he made the decision to rebrand himself and he re-entered the soca arena under the name Marzville.

“Life is about rebranding. You can’t stick to one thing all the time; you change with the times. So, it was just a rebrand and I think it worked better that way. Omar Mcquilkin was probably too long for persons to remember. So, to shorten it was [for] the better,” the 31-year-old vocalist explained.

“With the name change, [I do] more travelling . . . . [Since] the name change, I have made like four or five songs,” he said.

Those include the 2016 hit Bang Bim earned him third place in the Road March competition last year.

And Marzville is continuing to ride his wave of popularity. He will be touring New York, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Atlanta in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to Slap in the face

  1. BaJan boy August 3, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Tell the boy he now come town,and what he sang was a lot of ask me no questions…Only he think so..

  2. Tony Waterman August 3, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Instead if questioning, and all that stuff, why dont you Purchase a CD of your Performance, get a copy of the Judging Rules, sit down with your People, watch your performance, see where you were strong or Weak, and get ready to win Nrext Year, LOOKING Back will do you no GOOD.


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