Family dispute over PS3 ends up in court

A car valet technician from The Ivy Housing Area, St Michael has been ordered to keep the peace and be on his best behaviour for the next six months.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick handed down the sentence to 44-year-old Edwin O’neal Lewis, who admitted to unlawfully assaulting Trevon Lewis on August 2.

According to the facts presented by prosecutor Sergeant Robert Jones, the two men who are related, live at the same house.

However, on the day in question, a dispute erupted, which resulted in Edwin snatching a PS3 from Trevon. The police were later called in and while they were there Edwin reportedly poked the complainant in his head, which resulted in the charges being brought against him.

Edwin told the magistrate that the situation arose after he told Trevon, who is his niece’s son, to put the device away and to tidy up the house.

However, the magistrate was adamant that the family dispute should not have reached the precincts of the court.

“You are a good fella, but you are too aggressive,” Frederick told Edwin while pointing out that there was another court matter involving the two parties.

Edwin agreed with the magistrate but said he was frustrated at the time.

If he breaches his court imposed bond he will have to pay $1,500 forthwith or spend one month in prison.

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