Dunner keeps summer camp promise

As she promised she would, United States-based special needs teacher Christina Dunner came back to Barbados this summer to continue helping less fortunate children.

Christina Dunner

She returned to the island to undertake the second edition of the Enrich Barbados Summer Camp, which she hosted in Nelson Street, The City last year. This time around, the camp was held at the Wesley Hall Junior School.

“The Ministry of Education was very supportive. The process wasn’t hard at all. I went to them, told them my idea, they loved it and they granted me permission to use Wesley Hall,” Dunner explained.

In 2016, with the assistance of family members, she was able to cater to 50 campers. This year, she brought along more relatives and doubled the number of campers.

Teacher at the Horace Mann Private School, Samiyrah Kellman instructing the children in an arts and craft activity.
From left: Tyrell Armstrong, Danielle Kellman, Zhimar Haynes, Christian Evelyn, teacher Janelle Rudder, and Kashan Momerelle displaying a science project.

“We are excited to be serving so many children in the supporting communities,” an excited Dunner said.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY on the closing day of the camp last week, she described the experience as “beyond amazing”.

“It was everything that I expected and more. The children were excellent. We exposed them to so many different things, we did science experiments with them, art and they really had a great time,” she gushed, adding that there was also a phenomenal response from the parents who were grateful for the opportunity for their children to be engaged in the activities.

Last year, Dunner covered all the expenses for staging the camp, but this year she received a grant from the New York-based Horace Mann Private School to fund the camp’s operations.

However, she said more local help will be needed for the 2018 summer camp.

Family and friends of Christina Dunner who worked at the Enrich Barbados summer camp.

“I definitely will be doing it again next year. We are hoping to get more of the Barbados community involved, working with some teachers from down here to work hand in hand in serving the children,” Dunner said.

She has asked anyone interested in assisting with the camp to contact her at enrichbarbados@gmail.com.

Source: (Kobie Broomes) kobiebroomes@barbadostoday.bb

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  1. Victoria Dunner December 17, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    Hi I a victoria Dunner your summer camp looks and sounds amazing.


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