Pleasure cruise turns ugly for two men

A verbal altercation that turned physical at the end of a Jolly Roger pleasure cruise, has landed two men in the District ‘A’ Criminal Court.

Appearing before Magistrate Douglas Frederick Wednesday, 41-year-old Anthony David Williams of Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael and 32-year-old David Andre Dickenson of Block 13C, Haynesville, St James, admitted to causing a disturbance on Wharf Road Tuesday.

According to prosecutor Sergeant Robert Jones, Dickenson suffered a laceration after he was struck in the head with a bottle by Williams during the physical altercation, which started as the men were disembarking the vessel. Police were called in at the two men arrested and charged.

“It was just a little dispute. The guys, we had in a little drinks, we got off the boat, everything was good and he [Dickenson] come back fretting,” Williams told the magistrate as he gave his version of what had transpired.

“He had a little tension pun he and he come round me. No bottles ain’t pelt, no rocks ain’t pelt and it was just a little fight and that was the end of that,” Williams added.

However, that explanation did not go down well with the magistrate who pointed to Dickenson’s head, which was heavily bandaged with white gauze and asked, “how his head get so?”

Williams replied that he had “a little bottle” in his pocket, which he was drinking from but “none ain’t pelt”.

Anthony David Williams

“So you mash up the man head like that with a little bottle? Suppose you had killed this man? Do you know that murder cases happen like that? You know that you can kill people if you give them a little lash and they fall down and flutter and you get charged for murder? Why do you want to throw your life away like that?” the magistrate asked Williams who is a mechanic.

“You should not be in that,” Frederick stressed.

Dickenson meanwhile told the magistrate that the cruise was “packed up with people” and a man, who he believed was William’s relative and who was dancing with a female “tapped” him and told him “I want some space”.

In reply, Dickenson said he told the man “okay”, but asked him to give him a bit of time since it was difficult to manoeuvre in the packed boat.

It was then that Williams came into the picture and the verbal altercation ensued, which Dickenson said he thought was resolved until he was leaving the vessel. At that point, he said he was stopped by a security guard who asked him to identify the other person with whom he had the disagreement on the boat, which he did.

David Andre Dickenson

However, as he walked off, Dickenson said “the next thing I remember is that I feel a knock on my head and I feel it and saw blood”. He received seven stitches for that injury, and another three for one to his back.

After hearing both sides, the magistrate ordered Williams to pay Dickenson $500 in compensation for his injures within the next two weeks or spend a month in jail.

“From the explanation you were the aggressor, you got a little tipsy and started to rock the boat,” the magistrate told Williams.

He also placed both men on a bond for the next six months. If either breaches the bond, they will have to pay $500 forthwith to the court or spend a month in jail.

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  1. straight talk August 3, 2017 at 5:26 am

    Two big stupidass men can’t and enjoy them self and go back home trouble free. should have to spend the rest of crop over in prison.


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