Thief free for now

Magistrate Graveney Bannister Monday handed a 24-month suspended sentence to Frederick Alfred Haynes after he pleaded guilty to stealing from a tourist.

Appearing in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court Monday morning, Haynes, 44, of Waverly Enterprise, Christ Church, admitted to stealing a purse valued US$25 and BDS$15 belonging to Lori Grace-Smith.

Just minutes before, the unemployed Haynes had denied the charge, but had a change of heart when his legal counsel put in an appearance.

“I am sorry, Sir. I was afraid to plead guilty,” Haynes told Magistrate Bannister.

The police prosecutor told the magistrate that the victim is a visitor to the island who was spending the day at Brown’s Beach with some friends yesterday. She purchased food and while having a conversation placed her bag on a table. It was at that time that Haynes committed the daring act, placing his hand in the bag and taking the purse, which contained a number on credit cards. The money was taken from the pocket of the handbag.

Grace-Smith later made a check of her bag and discovered the items missing and reported the matter to the police. Information was received which led to Haynes, who was identified by a witness in the Nelson Street area, being detained. He later admitted to committing the crime.

If Haynes breaches the sentence, he will spend six months at HMP Dodds.

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