Still no bail for Eversley

A 28-year-old man remains on remand at HMP Dodds after he was again unable to present a surety to post bail on his behalf and verify his address.

Lamar Keelan Eversley, who was recorded as having no fixed place of abode, pleaded guilty back in June to having in his possession, apparatus for the misuse of cocaine.

He, however, denied stealing a cellular phone worth $2,250, a handbag worth $22.50, a pair of headphones worth $150, a $15 scarf, a bottle of water worth $2.75, and two bottles of suntan lotion belonging to Katie Cochrane on March 20.

When Eversley made his first appearance before Oistins Magistrate Elwood Watts almost two months ago, he was asked why he had no fixed place of abode.

At the time, he claimed that he lived with his mother in Haggatt Hall but the magistrate informed him that someone had to verify his address. He was subsequently remanded to HMP Dodds for a week.

“I call [my surety] this morning and she say she now get up [and] she live so far but . . . I live at Haggatt Hall,” Eversley told the court.

However, Magistrate Watts again made it clear that “we can’t do anything for you” if someone did not show up to substantiate the claim and “someone signs bail”.

“Sir, can you grant me a phone call?” was Eversley’s request, to which Watts replied: “I can grant you a phone call; I just don’t have a phone.”

The accused man was then remanded to prison to make another appearance on September 21.

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  1. Jonah Banks August 2, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Maybe he should have raped someone, give it five years and the case will collapse


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