Lil Rick Hits A Six

Lil Rick went to Bushy Park yesterday with a game plan – and he executed it.

Lil Rick reclaimed his title as the Party Monarch Champion with the song Energy.

The defending Party Monarch successfully defended his crown after outperforming his fellow competitors with his song Energy, which earned him 90 points.

Lil Rick set the bar high on the night, performing first in that category of the Soca Royale competition with a high-energy performance that addressed the need for more peace and love in Barbados.

In taking the crown again, Lil Rick became the first person to win six Party Monarch titles.

And the celebrations did not stop there for him, as he also copped third place in the highly competitive Sweet Soca competition.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY following his performances, Lil Rick said he was pleased with all he had done.

“It was great; I enjoyed myself as always. It’s a competition but I always try to make myself happy with the people and do my thing. Everything went according to plan in both performances. I feel good,” he said.

He admitted to going a bit harder in his Sweet Soca performance.

“Party was kind of easy for me, but you still have to wait on the judges to see what they think. But I consider party as real easy but groovy was tough. I had some lions to go up against. They were some big ones in there and some popular songs. But it’s all good, everyone [performed] sweet. I have a good feeling for this Crop Over, so win or lose I’m out there,” a confident Lil Rick said.

Besides the title and bragging rights for yet another year, Lil Rick walked away with a brand new Mazda 3 valued at $63,745 as well as $10,000 in cash and many other prizes.

After his win, he told Barbados TODAY: “I’m feeling great….The hard work paid off. I was really looking forward to winning that groovy title too, you know, but all respect to Plastic Bag,” an elated Lil Rick said as he gave kudos to the new Sweet Soca king.

And he is already in preparation mode for the 2018 competition.

“I have to go and prepare now for next year because I’m looking to do great again. I’m not easing up. I’m not stopping until Plastic Bag stop. When he stops, I will stop,” Lil Rick said with a hearty chuckle.

Ras Iley and Grynner showed that the ole’ boys could do it with their funfilled and lively performance of D 2 Ah We.

Second in the Party Monarch competition were the old boys Ras Iley and Grynner who rocked Bushy Park with their song, De Two Ah We. The veterans put down a solid and comical performance that earned them 82 points, taking home a prize of $20,000.

Mistah Dale took third place in the Party Monarch Competition with Soca Famaleez.

Third place went to Mistah Dale who had an incredible time on stage performing his song, Soca Famalies. He told Barbados TODAY that he had a great time on stage and everything went according to plan. For that, he earned 70 points and $15,000 in cash.

Rounding out the top four was former monarch Mikey with his song Feting and Brass. He suffered some technical difficulties at the start of his performance but told Barbados TODAY he was determined to fight through them and give the audience a good show – which he did. He also went home with $10,000.

Also performing in the Party Monarch
competition were Mr Blood, Faith, Saffiyah, Rameses and Peter Ram. They each earned $5,000.

Reclaiming his title as Sweet Soca Monarch, Red Plastic Bag rocked the entire Bushy Park arena with his solid performance of Boat Ride.

The Sweet Soca competition was much more competitive, but the veteran Red Plastic Bag sailed comfortably to another crown with his song Boat Ride.

He literally had the crowd at Bushy Park rocking and waving from the front of the stage right up in the hills when he performed his very popular song.

The performance earned him 90 points and he walked away with a brand new Mazda 3 valued at $63,745, along with $10,000 in cash and many other prizes.

“It’s always good to win. Most of all, I’m happy that people enjoyed themselves, they enjoyed the song,” the Sweet Soca king, who won the title a second time, told Barbados TODAY after his win.

“I want to thank all the people who have actually worked with me. We had fun doing it and we quite enjoyed it. I can go home now and rest and start to enjoy Crop Over because being in competition doesn’t allow you to enjoy  in the way that you would like because you’re quite busy preparing.”

Nikita placed second in the Sweet Soca Competition with Carry Festival.

Second in the Sweet Soca competition was Nikita with her song Carry Festival. , still relatively new to competition should be commended for an excellent job. The new arrangement, the added drums, and the addition of scratching by DJ Puffy were superb. She received 82 points and walked away with $17,500 in cash.

After securing 72 points, Lil Rick won third place and received $12,500 for his performance of Blessing.

Fourth place went to the very popular Marzville with his song Give It To Yuh. During his performance, he had the crowd eating out of his hand as they sang along with him word for word. He told Barbados TODAY he was pleased with his performance and was glad the crowd enjoyed it.

He earned 48 points and walked away with $9,000.

Other performers in the Sweet Soca competition were Shaquille, Sanctuary, TC, Edwin, and Marvay. They each got $5,000. (DB)

Source: (Davandra Babb)

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